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I obviously saw it, no need to be a cunt about it.

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What profile cranks would you recommend for street riding, I have heard mixed reviews about the columns and GDH. Has anyone ridden them or know someone that has, if so how do they hold up?

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I want 22mm spindle and 170mm arms, any recommendations?

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i didnt even know he was on mafia bikes LOL what is that? Isnt he off coyote sports too?

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I've rode them for a while. They were really slippy the first week or so but after i broke them in there were great. Never slipped on me. But they do tear easily, riding around i saw slashes in the tread after like a month. then 3-4 months the tread ... more »

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carson hyman?

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Is 14mm hollow chromoly stronger or weaker then 14mm solid chromoly?

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Anyone ridden the Sunday coaster? Good or Bad ?

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Fly devon smillie grips ripped in a week, and gsport mk2 hubguards are trash

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shut up idiot

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Frame: Sunday Radocaster Forks: BDS Acid Bars: Federal Stevie Churchills Stem: BSD Stacked Tires: Eclat Fireballs FrontWheel: BSD Street Pro laced to Federal XL BackWheel: Federal V3 Coaster laced to Federal XL Cranks: Eclat Onyx Sprocket: Eclat Vent ... more »

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fuck yeah animal

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I've been trying to decide to get a coaster or cassette. Now I've decided I really like the style of cassette and my wallet says the same considering they are a bit cheaper

been looking around for a cassette don't really know much anyone recommend ... more »

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22 mi. Rode to the city and back its 11 mile ride there.

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