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New thread shipping a frame?? 1/9/2010 8:41 PM

i've only shipped a frame once and i dont remember how much it cost. ive got the original box to ship it in to whoever i sell it to, but im trying to get a ballpark figure to ask for it including shipping. so anyone who's shipped a frame lately hook ... more »

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New thread I might be 1/9/2010 2:29 PM

Ordering my new frame tonight. About 95% sure its gonna be an ian or 2nd wave, my question is... What's the biggest tire that will fit on that beast?? I run a 2.1 now and would like to go up to 2.3 if it'll fit so I'm just curious. Thanks for the help ... more »

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New thread Without further ado... our edit 1/8/2010 7:40 PM

i never realized how much i use my pegs or matt wallrides until looking at the clips afterwards... this was also my first day doing handrails not at a skatepark. CHOCKED FULL OF LEGITNESS from David Boyd on Vimeo.

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New thread Because Obviously... 1/7/2010 7:17 PM

some of you never read the terms of use when you signed up for this website... Make sure to pay special attention to the ones i've seperated apart and put in bold. You've been officially warned. This shit isnt necessary, and it wont be a part of this ... more »

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New thread dakotah i've determined that... 1/7/2010 4:22 PM

you suck at finger biking through your huge letdown of a post from last night.. watch these, and take notes, do better next time.

... more »

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New thread More from Mr. Schwartz 1/7/2010 1:15 PM

If you want more info about schwartz's retirement from the pro scene here's a new interview thanks to ridebmx

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New thread The innovation of handrails? 1/7/2010 10:45 AM

So I know mat hoffman and a couple other guys were the first to hit handrails in bmx, but does anyone know if skaters beat us to it back in the day? in other words... Who hit the first handrail, skateboarders or bmxers?

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New thread Smoke 1/6/2010 9:21 PM

You should probably take your e-thug ass to tcub because it won't get you anywhere here. First off... People do care about other peoples road trips. Second... Trying to start an e-fight with the guy who helps run the site isn't going to do you any good ... more »

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New thread Dakotah! 1/6/2010 8:43 PM

How the hell was woodward!?!?! How about some mofing pics!?!? Come on dude, give us something!

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New thread Gstring02 1/6/2010 5:01 PM

Change your profile picture. Come on man, you know that shit wasn't going to fly once I found out about it.

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New thread Wipperman connex 1r8 1/6/2010 3:20 PM

All I can say is... DAMN!!!! This chain is friggen massive!!! Got it today and my new brakes and finally got some black reubens. The damn thing must weigh a lb and a half. At least I know ill never have to buy another chain as long as I ride.

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New thread Trails is shoutin! 1/6/2010 10:49 AM

I love living I the south. That is all.

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New thread Be on the lookout 1/4/2010 9:02 PM

for mine and cupovjoes edit to drop this week sometime. all street this time around got some sweet clips today including a 9 stair handrail that im super stoked about getting done!

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New thread New Paint Bike Check 1/4/2010 8:42 PM

Sorry it took so long, just never got around to taking decent pics.

Frame:Eastern Tramp 21" Bars: Kink Badger v2 Forks: Eastern Hawkeye v1 Stem: Thomson Elite BMX Headset: Eastern Grips: Eclat Chester Blacksmith ... more »

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New thread i think... 1/3/2010 9:49 AM

i might dust off the old race bike and start racing again. then i'll be riding every discipline except flatland and it'll force my lazy ass to get in shape. cool story bro...

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New thread What ever happened??? 1/1/2010 12:55 PM

With the big inspection and added tax stuff on bmx parts from overseas?? It was big news for a month then completly dissapeared. Anybody know?

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New thread Someone with a 2nd wave... 1/1/2010 2:55 AM

Measure your seat tube length for me, its not on dans or the sunday site. Thinking about getting one and that's the last thing I want to know about it before I make up my mind between that or a barcode.

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