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Hi I'm Mike 18 years old I've started BMXing after breaking my ankle on a skateboard like a year and a half ago, I've only been BMXing for 2 months but everyone at the skatepark seem to think I'm pretty good for how long I've been doing it. I ride a ... more »

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Pretty sweet man! I know you're not the cameraman but some of the footage was a little shaky and as I've got a killer headache at work right now it was making me feel a little sick, I'd recommend using a tripod for some of the shots but the only reason

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Cheers, reminds me of the L.A Lakers colours, I've never seen that colour combo before on a bmx so I thought I'd try be original

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Not finished with it yet, the front tyre is really shitty but I went to my bike shop the other day and what I wanted wasn't in stock... Frame: 2010 WTP Versus resprayed in yellow Forks: United Squad V2 Bars: WTP Versus Wheels: Eastern Nitrous Tyres:

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It sucks that skateparks usually attract the weirdo's in the UK. I don't even know why!?!? I've seen some strange shit in my local parks.