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Make your signature what ever you freakin want... dont listen to them...

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FIT EDDIE FRAME... or the Dehart frame...

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PERFECT!!! still not exactly sure what that lines for... but the grips are amazing..

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take them out clean them than regrease them... and dont over tighten the compression bolt.

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alrighty... thanks bud..

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does anyone have the eddie frame that runs peg?? or does anyone know if pegs will fit on the frame?? really wanting the frame but love my pegs..

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hang five is a nose manual with one foot on your peg and the other keeping your balance in the air... or you could do tehm like nathan williams and keep the other foot on a pedal while the other is on the peg..

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josh harrington is super tall! the kid can shred!! dont worry bud... you got this...

Ultra-Magnus left a comment 8/5/2008 2:26 PM

I'm moving there pretty soon. Is there much stuff to ride there?

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is there anything wrong with the frame besides the dent? and do the bearings come with?

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if you grind alot than they will flex and get out of shape and eventually break.. i got rid of mine before they broke..

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s&m grand slams or the slam xlts i ride the xlts and love them and probly will step up to the grand slams in the future..... slams are perfect...

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try taking your driver out and cleaning it... and tighten the bolts down on your axle and see if that stops the wobble.

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i think that street is going to be the best... finally well get a good event for all riders....

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i cant wait for street

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just go from the top right to the bottom left then the top left then the the bottom right twist them all about the same everytime..

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on dans go to the odyssey race not the cs2 but the original i got the limtied and they were 89.99