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Stolen Cheater 2010 with superstar brakes and superstar edge 9 stem

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i got the stolen teams but i want those maderas. the only upside towards the team cranks is that they have nano drives. other than that theyre pretty even

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I got my new bike yesterday and its fuckin snowin. has this ever happened to anyone else??

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New parts
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2/2/2010 9:24 AM

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whatever feels best

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where can i check my posts at other than scanning through the forums

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trails and dirt jumps

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If anyone has any ideas for tracks i guess just post um on here and ill get back to ya

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best stem ever


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tech 77 lever


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I was thinkin bout buyin some animal asm tires and i was wondering if i should get ones for the front and back or just for the back like some people say so any help would be appreciated. thanks

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They are until i fall. they may be a lil small but they still hurt like a bitch when they land on ya

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im just bored seein if theres any people that wanna bike or skate. just post sumthin up or add me

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I used to but i got into bass and had to sell my kit for some bike stuff. but hey its worth it. its my life

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favorite race of girl?? mines either polish or Italian. My gfs Italian so. But whats yours

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bleeding boners on fire

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I am ive been goin to church since i was little and my new church has an 8 foot square candycane painted rail 2 funboxes and an 8 foot half pipe so thats another reason to go