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dude my frame split where the seat post goes i swear its annoying

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get a pair of odyssey plastics and then compare them to odyssey metal and see the difference 1-they have plenty grip.....2-i have only had them in my shin once when i didnt get my foot back on.....3-they are a fuck lot lighter than metal i upgraded to ... more »

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little kids
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11/8/2008 12:49 AM

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alright this should be a fun one express why you started to ride if you made the choice u want and if youre gunna continue for years to come

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me i ride sell old parts sell shit rip ppl off only to dumb fucks play pig for money win comps save up reach into me bank account

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soz man i have to call bullshit on that my kids are gunna know that dad was cool coz he took risks flough high and will keep goin i wanna make a influence on my kids bmx wont stop in my town i have lil kids say to me omfg dude will u teach me and i do ... more »

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SNAFU Armstrong Lite Stem Stem



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Shadow Conspiracy Asphalt Grips Grips



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Odyssey Vermont Sprocket



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nnnnoooooooooo shit im with u brah fukin hate it

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funkoars*and now for something completely different hard-fi*cash machine cypress hill*certified bomb statistics*final broadcast the cure*why can i be you death from above 1979*blood on our hands dj-shadow ft mos def*six days

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stock aye STOCK IS GAY ok now what ur gunna need to do is hit it out but iff u cant get the arms off then cut them its stock iff ppl ride chainless then u can ride crankless ive done it but my ankle shin and balls hurt but harden the fukeno up whats ... more »

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off a curb is pointless harden the fuk up do it in a jullif or somfin a curb fuk dude

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fly pantera frame simple bars eastern stem fbm forks salt front wheel maxxis tires shadow grips eastern cranks odyssey sprocket eastern euro bb eastern post and clamp and seat odyssey back wheel shadow interlock chain v2 odyssey pedals

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hey i just heard a rumour that city skate in adelaide is getting pissed off and im thinking omfg coz then flagstaff hills park and all the others would be the only ones right

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turn down

nice i can get turndowns pretty sic is it easier wen u have the bike vert like that

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hey i got a 2003 s&m frame sik well its alright but anyway my friend from barmera has a fly pantera frame and at the last comp he said hey wanna trade frames and coz im thinkin naw man its got brake mounts on the bottom cant run a twenty five but ... more »

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