About an hour ago my bro was out riding bikes with his friends.
He came home and told me he just got mobbed.
A truck had followed them for a while trying to pick a fight.
Well some guy from the truck jumped out and bashed him in the back of his head.
It was 4 against 1.
I asked him to describe them...and he said 1 spanish guy, 2 black guys, and 1 white guy with blond hair.
Right after it happened, he called the cops and told them the story and had a license plate number and everything.
Well the cop apparently took that info, but didn't give my bro a number, a card, or anything.
Needless to say, my mom is pissed and I think this cop is about to loose his job, considering he took it so lightly.
Oh yeah THE BEST PART, these kids go to Lyman, my highschool.
So whoever it is whether I know you or not, there's going to be some problems for you.
do they honestly have nothing better to do with their time? And why would you ever go around hurting people for fun? I really don't understand why it comes to this.
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