Today giving blood went horribly wrong.
I was fine giving blood and everything.
After it was done I told the guy my arm felt funny, and he said thats normal.
Well I've had it done before, and it felt numb and weird.

About 15 minutes after I seemed fine and walked out of the donation bus...
I was in the bathroom, thankfully not class or anywhere else, and I remember feeling super light headed in the stall. I kept thinking about that thing they tell you " sit with your head between your knees". well I didn't have time to do that and the next thing I know I'm waking up against the stall with vomit all over me and just keep vomitting.
I must have been out for a good minute or two....honestly I don't know.
But I remember waking up and people were already out in the halls, so it had to have been a good while.

When I finally stopped puking my brains and sort of composed myself from crying so much.....I changed went down the hall and straight to the clinic to go home. People could definitely tell something was seriously wrong with me from my face and all the tears. I'm so thankful that Brianne was able to stay by my side till my mom got there. The clinic was a joke and didn't help me at all.

I can hardly talk and I'm breathing barely.
I went home earlier and vomitted some more.
fell asleep for about 4 hours, breathing really bad.
Woke up a little bit ago, crying cause I can still barely breathe.
And I can't get outta bed without almost passing out.
If I don't get better in the next hour or two, I'm probably going to the hospital.
Barely breathing is scaring the hell outta me.
I don't wanna fall asleep again, cause I'm afraid that my oxygen will cut off or something.
Today is definitely the scariest/ worst experience of my life.
Blacking out , barely breathing, and vomitting is not cool.
I don't know if anyone will see me tomorrow, cause I'll probably not go anywhere or I'll be in the hospital.

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