A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain

Rise early. It is the early bird that catches the worm. Don't be fooled by this absurd saw; I once knew a man who tried it. He got up at sunrise and a horse bit him.

young and old mark twain

November 30, 1835 in the quiet Flordia town of Hannibal Missouri, a baby that would some day change and litterally
write out pieces of history was born...Samuel Clemens A.K.A Mark Twain is one of the worlds most renown authors
to this day!!

Samuel Clemens was born and grew up in Hannibal, Missouri. This was the home of his later characters Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.In those books he put real life land marks in them from Hannibal. In his late teens, Samuel left Hannibal on a riverboat to become a printer in St. Louis. He moved up in the ranks of printing and moved to New York and eventually to Washington D.C.
Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born November 30,1835 in Hannibal Missourif(population of about 11,000 in his time) but didn't adopt the pen name "Mark Twain" until his later years.
That was just the most popular one of many that he used. Samuel went to school regularly from 1849 to 1849. By the time he graduated, Samuel had held all different kinds of oddball jobs, but after graduation he stuck with his job as a newspaper apprentice. Eventually he would go on to be a full time newspaperman and printer. He would occupy his free time by piloting riverboats.
It was around this time he learned to make a career out of writing. His newspaper and riverboat days ended with abruptness when he joined a battalion of confederate irregulars. After he finished that he went on to marry a Ms. Olivia Langdon, on February 2, 1870 in El Mira, New York. From there, she went on to become part owner of the buffalo express, thanks to his newly acquired father in law.
Samuel and Olivia Clemens had their first child Langdon Clemens on November 7, 1870. Then moved his shaping family to Hartford Connecticut(population 1,423,611 present day), where they had yet another birthing. This time it was Olivia Susan, his first daughter, born on March 19, 1872. Tragedy struck the clemens family when their infant son died just three months later of diphtheria.
In 1884 Clemens's was bringing in good money from the "Gilded Cage" play, at around the same time he had a second daughter, Clara Clemens, Mr. Clemens then started writing Huckleberry Finn in June of 1876.
In his later years Samuel was changing publishers and doing more plays."Ah Sin" being one of them. It only lasted five weeks. Despite that set back. he started writing The Prince and the Pauper. In 1878 he traveled to Europe and continued Huckleberry Finn before moving his family there. Samuel invested most his money into a new invention at the time, the printing press. Which didn't sell. He was forced to file bankruptcy. He then slowly worked his way back up financially with plays and such, but was devastated when his wife Olivia died late June, 1904. While he was residing in Long Island on april 2, 1910, Samuel Clemens passed away.

"I was young and foolish, now im old and foolish"
Mark Twain was a very dedicated and hard working author. Both children and adults alike love his work because they feel they're able to connect with the characters.Some critics go as far as to say, " his writings are not as deep as you may think" and that "he's a veteran amateur" but those being the harshest, other people dont seem to give that kind of opion. The majority of Twains readers will tell you he's a magnificent writer and not only does it feel like your reading his books, some say it feels like you become the character while still getting his more deeper and analitical meanings but with proper analization of his work and time to kill you can come to your own conclusion on the worls renown prestige's author, Mark Twain.

"A cigar churns out smoke."

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