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Yo thanks a lot man! Much appreciated and it definitively is!

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Much appreciated man!

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I have been running the yeagle frame for 2 years and happen to ride with Brian who also does not have any problems with it braking or cracking. The frame has seen some huge cases also and it is still all good. Really like the feel of it too.

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Yeah just even build the dirt flyout up a little bit if you can get close hop you can definitely get them flyout with a little practice.

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Try them out of a flyout of some sort learning them hop is not the ideal way...

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Okay I was looking to get the Shadow Killer Cranks which are a 22mm spline. Now I wanted to get the snafu ola sprocket in jetfuel but it isn't a "spline drive" sprocket but some people have said that it still works fine with the adapters it comes with. ... more »

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Nyquist freaking killed it that 450 transfer was insane. Not 1 other person tried it

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Haha you might want to watch his latest edit for DK bikes. He 900 bars and all kinds of other crazy shit

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That was Nick Bruce and yeah that was the trick haha so crazy

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love the socially awkward guy just giving him a little jiggle with his foot

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Chris Doyle, Ronnie Napoltian, Seth Klinger, Zack Warden, and Hucker. All super chill and awesome to hangout with, Also they are all really good at all aspects of bmx just not one

Started new thread Dirt edit I put together at my local trails 11/24/2013 11:00 AM Fun little place to ride jumps are pretty good for having not much downhill at all

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NBC is a bunch of idiots they do the same thing for every extreme sport that they cover awful coverage and a shitload of commercials and a bunch of talking

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Logan is having fun he's just one to not show to much emotion off. Its hard for logan to come to this kind of game with the different styles of riders drew was the only one that could really match most of his tricks. Tons of respect for both of them those are ballsy moves

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My ankles are toasted from my many incidents in motocross and now that ive been getting into a lot of more different things in bmx i need a good ankle guard/brace and wanted to see what works well for you guys?

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That are all one no adjuster think back by the back wheel?? Just wondering how they work and with the housing being 39" if any of you know if you can still barspin and tailwhip without the cable getting mad tight

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Dont get anything other than chromo. Steel shit breaks so easily. And go for a sealed bikes also including the hubs and bb

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Hell yeah dude this place is real knarly as you can see hucker stayed up in PA an extra day for this. There will be a lot of edits coming from the jam ill get them on here when they do