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New thread update on my loosefer(black w/ tanwalls) 1/27/2013 9:37 AM

Frame : Mutiny Loosefer V3 20.666 Forks: Guerra Bane Bars : Guerra Toro 8.5 Stem : Mutiny frontload 48mm Headset : Ezra w/ canecreek cap Grips: ODI extra long necks Barends : Odyssey parends Cranks :Ezra Geist Pedals: Fly Rubens plastic Sprocket : Premium

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New thread Has anyone else seen this? 1/11/2013 8:15 PM haha i love empire! and heres a nice edit of the dfw guys

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New thread feeble to manual to double bar?! at 15?! 12/3/2012 5:02 PM

Crazy edit! He is way to good!!

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New thread well, no sleep for me 9/23/2012 3:36 PM dear god why??

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New thread Farewell Nathan :( 9/18/2012 2:02 PM

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New thread double bars off of stuff 6/4/2012 3:53 PM

has any one done them off something flat to flat like down stairs? my kinda friend threw a double bar down something close to an 8 set i think. oh and hes 14 which is crazy

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New thread good video on religion 4/11/2012 8:12 PM

13-40 minutes, definitely worth the watch, it explains alot about christianity

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New thread this kids 14 but rides like a pro! 4/6/2012 11:39 AM

psh while ive been bitchin about my back this whole year, this kids been throwin down. Frekain unbelievable, so awesome!

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New thread please sign this 3/19/2012 4:25 PM

A kid got chased and shot for "looking suspicious" the guy who did it hasnt even had charges put on him i personally didnt know him but i really think this deserves to be signed. hearing his scream before that fucking scum shot him has put a hatred in ... more »

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New thread some creepy shit 3/14/2012 8:34 PM

slenderman! if you dont know what it is check this out the marble hornets series is amazing, really well made and its like a legit horror movie on youtube pretty much. im on episode 24 right now and its gotten ... more »

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New thread KONY2012 3/6/2012 6:56 PM

actually havent gotten the chance to watch it yet, but it seems to have blown up in the past day, figured id share since your bound to see it sooner or later thoughts?

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New thread cross lacing? 3/4/2012 3:56 PM

36 spokes, 3 cross, and cross laced is what im lookin for, i can lace a wheel the normal way put cant figure out cross lacing. are their any how to's out there on this. one more thing i ordered some spokes from dans with a hub and gave them the e.r.d ... more »

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New thread shit, wheel help 3/2/2012 7:11 PM

i just laced my front wheel only to notice once i finished that it should be cross laced, does this matter? i didnt cross lace it and im pretty sure that wont hold up for very long because the spokes are bent at an odd angle at the nipple. if that wont ... more »

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New thread haha oblivious people 2/29/2012 2:11 PM

today at lunch they were selling cookies in the main room of my school necxt to the cafeteria, and my friend Will comes up and says dude i just walked up to the cookie ladies, grabbed a bag, shook it in her face and walked off. This is the kid that walked ... more »

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New thread vandero2 or profile 2/26/2012 7:09 PM

im getting a new front hub and im thinking about a used profile mini thats in good condition or a new odyssey vandero 2, each for 60. what do you guys think, i dont grind to much and i ride mostly street

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New thread triple frontflip trampoline 2/25/2012 5:05 PM

awesome place like an hour from my house. pretty stoked even though its not legit yet

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New thread new hub new spokes? 2/24/2012 7:39 PM

if i get a vandero 2 hub and put it on my opus wheel will i need new spokes?

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New thread Zombie Apocalypse Survival 2/21/2012 3:19 PM

Just post your plans/ideas on how you would survive given the before and after scenario Situation 1 (before): You notice the signs of an impending zombie apocalypse, small cases are breaking out globally, society still functions as normal Situation 2 ... more »

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New thread The walking dead 2/19/2012 11:11 PM

definitely an awesome series, tonights episode was pretty crazy! Anyone else watch it?

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New thread Spanish help please 2/18/2012 7:41 PM

could someone tell me if these sentences make sense? i need 5 healthy things with a sentence 5 unhealthy things with a sentence and then 5 sentences of advice on how to be healthy. El Agua Bebo aqua todos los dias. La Manzana Bebo jugo de manzana Los ... more »

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