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good luck, all the trails in the area are completely shot after sandy. We used to have an amazing setup in clifton NJ and then a gigantic tree fell right through the middle of the jumps....All other places I know of are basically done as well.

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What I'm looking for: 13-13.3 chainstay 20.75+ toptube Color doesn't matter as I'm going to get it powdercoated anyway.

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Basically what the title says. Will only do paypal business, yes I will add the 3% charge. Please don't bother if the rim is bent, missing spokes, beat to shit, etc etc.

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A more comprehensive parts list would be needed to warrant that kind of money. It looks like it has some solid stuff on there, but regardless I doubt you would get that much. I'd say post every part on it along with the weight (if someone is going to ... more »

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