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frame comes with post. bb, & chain so 180shipped

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55 & either gift it or pay the fee. I have done plenty of transactions just stopped keeping count

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I have a 20.75 cult os v3 in champagne chrome

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raptor to primo front wheel

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texted you guys^^^^

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i have éclat tibias but my buddy is begging me to trade him for his twombolts? SO i have either or

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sold back wheel

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bump throw me offers

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rear wheel sold

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cult os v3 20.75 was black chrome but rubbed all the black off now its a sweet like Champaign gold

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I asked you before but you said no. how much for hub

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how much for just raptor hub?

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federal, lets put it this way. Tyler fernengal rides it & loved it. only reason he isn't riding it right now is because he got the demo one

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I cant do whole wheel. I don't like or want the rim so I guess I cant sorry man. I would only be interested in the hub

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would you sell just hub? if you want a cassette would you trade for a remix?

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I dunno man maybe

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its good. theres marks on non drive side but they aren't bad at all. they are like just paint scratched off

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throw me an offer