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My experience with Oriol was not great. They were the only place that had Eclat Spire Cranks in 175 so I placed an online order. They shipped within a few days. When I received the cranks, I discovered a defect with the sprocket bolt boss. Basically ... more »

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I had a Steadfast and Hartbreaker built up at the same time. For rear end length I ran 13.9 on the Hartbreaker, and tried 13.75/13.9 on the Steadfast. Similar components on each bike. Both bikes were really fun to ride. The Hartbreaker wanted to go straight, ... more »

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SBR's Soundwave v3

Thanks for the feedback Sean. I like the Kink Contender but not sure how I feel about a ovalized top tube. Cult Foley is super clean but no brake mounts. Stranger Alley Cat V2 is nice and it would support Eric L....but I'm not sure about Stranger as a brand. There are so many good options and I think WTP are dropping their 2021 stuff soon.

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SBR's Soundwave v3

Your setups are always dialed man. How does this compare to your BTM? I am looking for something with a shorter rear end, and a low BB seems to be the key.

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I was assuming the number of links would be adjusted to achieve a CS length that is similar to what he is running now. I used those "theoretical" charts for years, and slowly realized they are not super accurate. Sure there are variables like sprocket ... more »

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If $50 is not a big deal, get a new driver. It is hard to put a price on proper chain alignment, especially if a derailed chain has put you over the bars before. 28/9 makes the chainstay length ever so slightly longer than 31/10 (ie: 13.79" vs 13.77") ... more »

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Width is important, but diameter has a bigger impact. Back in the day Dans Comp would list the inflated measurements of tires, and you might be able to find some of those numbers. One thing to note about S&M rubber is they do wear down a little quicker ... more »

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I have messed around with different combinations over the years, but overall I like the rear tire to be smaller. The front end seems to pull up easier, and it slackens the head tube angle just a little. With that being said, my Fit Hartbreaker has a ... more »

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I am selling a few frames that I no longer ride, and all of them are in great shape. Local pick up is in San Diego county, or I can ship them via ground in the continental US for $20 each. Please let me know if you have any questions! 1) The Take Babylon:

... more »

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Do you have any pictures of this built up yet? I think i'm gonna get one.

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I've been a user of Vital for over 2 years and the videos have never played for me. I'm getting frustrated. What can I download or change in my settings? (windows xp)

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I've been on Vital for a year or so and still can't get the videos to work. I really wanna see this stuff too.

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for some reasons, the videos on this site wont play for me anymore. i hit play, and the Vital \"tailwhip cartoon\" plays but then it just stops and resets itself. any help would be nice.

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I've watched video's on here in the past, but all of a sudden they dont work. I hit play and the Vital cartoon of the guy tailwhipping plays, but then it just stops. any help would be good.

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FBM Autopilot Frame