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Keep in mind that if raw aluminum and raw steel touch they will corrode. Its called galvanic corrosion.

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I run Eclat Units and a Fly lever and I love them. The new Fly pads are the bomb BTW. I got the red (hard compound) and they stop well without squealing.

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I just spent 7 months in Vancouver, BC. It is an amazing place to ride and there are tons of riders. Just consider yourself lucky that you are too young to buy beer and smokes. A 6-pack runs about $15. Cigarrettes are $12 a pack.

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And white crank arms.

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Maybe drop a chain on that sucka!

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Now I know why you have 5000+ posts. You post idiotic shit like this and you are proud of it. Add something meaningful to the posts or piss off.

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Who gives a rat's ass how many posts you have written dickhead. Stop being such cocksucking asshole.

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I ordered from Dan's on 6/26 and I had bogus charges show up on July 2nd. I also had charges to an online gaming website. It seems to me that it was Dan's and the same person is making the fraudulent purchases.

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Thank you so much. I was ready to give up on BMX, but you have inspired me. What a tool!

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Profile calls it Grape.

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I like my Fox Digits.

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Save up and go full 4130.

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I bought the Zodiac a few months ago and I love it. I would have gotten the Envy if I was willing to spend the extra $$$.

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I'll buy 'em