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We do not have a V.A.T. in the US. We pay sales tax on certain goods; however, when purchasing online we only pay sales tax if we are ordering from a retailer within the state we live in.

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I don't know if I would classify it as "shreds". All he does it bust huge gaps. Nothing technical. Just my opinion.

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I love my Tree Light setup. No tight/loose spots!

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This is true. The acid eats away rust. It's no laughing matter. You can also do an "OA Bath". You will have to paste this link in. http://www.ozbmx.com.au/index.php?showtopic=5037

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this! hahahahahah

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How is that? They look symetrical.

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Try washing it off with Dawn dishwashing liquid. If that does not work, then try Goo Be Gone.

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Unless all the grooves on a tire run perpendicular to the circumference of the tire, the tire is directional.

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I know. I have watched 5 times already...make that 6!

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Oh...I see

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I didn't realize he was on a hardtail. Would you consider the full suspensions MTBs, or are they full suspension DJ bikes? This is the first time I have seen Slopestyle.

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That's what she said!

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Before I took mine off I ran Fly Lever, Fly cable and Eclat Units. It is a great setup.

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The bike in the second one should be brakeless.

I like the first one best. The fist in the fifth one looks too much like the Dig BMX logo with the double fists IMO.
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There is a product called Technu that you can get at the pharmacy. It will neutralize the oils from the Poison Ivy. You can also wash your grips with this product. I have used it many times. BTW if you did have the oils on your hand you may get the rash ... more »

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How is using two ii's for everything and misspelling slang. You used 30% more letters to type this incomprehensible shit.

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HaHa. You are funny.

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That suck man. Must have been a helluva pothole.