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Hey i run them and the first pair i got crack on the weld in like 2 months. but only because one of the demo workers there were doing the welding wrong. he would weld on side then the other right after and that weaken the weld. they replaced it for me ... more »

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YO how much that wheel that you were selling

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Kinetikbiker04 wrote: T Rev wrote: Hell No! I don't need any more help being a retard. Neither do i. It's just a waste of time and money. I'd rather go ride or spend money on my bike then something that's illegal. I have an easy enough time screwing ... more »

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what happend to him? i keep trying to find out and nothing says what happend or how hes injerd

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any one going to woodward july 29 augest 5?

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I had the tenderizers and i didnt like them, I got the shadow nostra pedals and they rock!!!!!!

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Doesnt it make you mad when your new part ( my new custom odyssey rims) are late on the day there supost to be there?

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I have a mosh fron rim laced to a big city, Mosh cassette laced to a primo hooha hoop rim with red 12 gage spokes, a odyssey freecoaster hub, Odyssey 7 KA rim, Primo pedals and snafu pegs. All for $200. its one hell of a deal. i Live in portland if you ... more »

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no its not laced to anything. and i go down to thousand oaks and newberry park in july. are you any were near that?

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its a 36 hole with a 11 tooth driver

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hey i got an odyssey reloader freecoster for sale. 70$ for it its just the hub, but i might be able to sell a big city rim with it. if your in the portland area let me know.

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You need a picture.

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dude whats the link?!

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Join my group. Its the portland riders group. join up.