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Yeah you gotta take an online school or something? Anyone have a good online school? i heard zoomzoom is free the oline part? how much is it gonna run me to get my permit, like 300$? Thanks

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Updated photo album tricks in my driveway 9/18/2010 7:33 PM

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Started new thread chill songs to ride to 7/27/2010 5:47 PM

no rap or punk heavy metal screemo crap ive had to ride between my mom and dads house everyday since saturday.. and i was like, "i wish i had some smooth songs to listen to" but i had none

Stuff like: The Beatles, Eagles.. basically anything ... more »

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no way was that anything like ufc haha shitty takedowns shitty ground n pound no standup shitty kick it was disappointing to watch

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"update:i just got like 7/10 fakies, like i can do them longer then 5 feet i learned that lean back and if i just focus on the stem i can get em longer, and i don't know why but when i do what i stated before it seems like i'm using a freecoaster cuz ... more »

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how can you be new with 5126 posts.... plus it says you have been here for almost a year. i smell something fishy

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I think everyone already gayed this thread up enough but...

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definitely England. the USA has an up-and-coming squad, but they’re not yet on England’s level and won’t be for a long, long time, if ever.

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i like this one better than the first one... such a nice edit

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Nice man! Tips for learning? havnt ridden in forever and my balance has always sucked edit: my fault didnt read the post right above... hello vital!

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thunders almost got a 7th game out of the lakers... go spurs!

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gross i was thinking it was the normal type

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what was there? spam?

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are you a girl

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dude dyslexia doesnt have anything to do with the story haha but that is so funny a troll rofl

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girl in your pic is hot who is it

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Brunettes Blonde Redheads/FIRECROTCHES

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the reserve is probably like 200 or something