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That blows. I just got my BB and headset bearings in the mail and set up my new frame today! Missed the best week of weather for riding, but oh well... gonna ride all night once it gets cooler out.

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Those osiris are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen, I was looking at those online a few days ago...

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I'm thinking I might just suck it up and buy a 21" frame. My last frame was 20.75 I think and I did have some issues with slamming my knees into my stem and what not. I'm looking at the two colony bikes here: Is that ... more »

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I feel for ya, cracked my TT yesterday...

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I just cracked my top tube yesterday and am in need of a new frame. My last two were bought used off craigslist and did not really fit me seeing as I am 6'3". I'm thinking I wanna skip the bs and just buy a new frame that will have a long enough top ... more »

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Cracked my top tube yesterday so I'm looking for a frame. I had a stolen brat frame I believe, so I'm looking for something with a mid BB and preferably 21"+ top tube.

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Where are them Milwaukee riders at? Just started up this past spring and was wondering if there are any of you in Milwaukee...

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Okay cool that's what I was hoping for. I looked at my old frame and it had nothing like that.

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New to the forums here and I have a question. I recently found these three dents in my chain stays, I'm not sure how they got there and am wondering if they are anything to worry about. They are not from an impact as far as I can tell because the paint

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