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looks rad

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I run 50psi for street and 80psi for dirt, but experiment for yourself and find something you like.

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super nice

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Ive got 165s on one of my bikes and i personally wouldnt go any shorter than that either, im 5.8 tho so if your shorter than that the 160s might work for ya, you'll get used to whatever you choose either way.

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Simone got my vote, The dude can do no wrong. all of them were fire tho.

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New bikes are so much better, but i do like how some of the old / mid school bikes looked tho.

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what PSI are you running? lower pressure will help, also remember to bend your knees and elbows when landing flat, use them as shocks. Other than that just give it some time, in the beginning youll be using muscles you never knew you had.

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Animal deserves a mention

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Yeah I do both, BMX absolutely helps with MTB skills, not really the other way round tho apart from added fitness.

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I ran a set of the white ones for a while, i liked them for street, but they were terrible on a dusty park i rode, and yeah they do wear down quickly.

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Check out... Ratkid for street Chase hawk for park Tom "Robbo" Robinson for trails there are many others also

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thats a beauty

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check out the "Ride on" facebook group for inspiration. welcome back.

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Its a little on the heavier side of modern BMX bikes but not too heavy no.

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Have a look at the Animal MTT they come in 2.35, recommend them for street, they last forever too.

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Why no live stream??

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I know this isn’t exactly what your looking for but you should defo check out The Albion zine on issuu, they have them all online, it’s one of the better quality BMX zines I’ve come across, worth a look for sure.

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System of a down will get you hyped

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Got a bargain & Saved £135 on New Bars & Cassette wheel that I got for half price.

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Same dude, I’ve got an old WTP frame, it’s hi-ten with chromo DT & CS and that thing was ridden hard af and it held up fine.