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New thread ISO MATCHING BARS WITH FORKS 4/8/2020 7:26 AM

Looking for forks and bars that match prefer 9.5 rise

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New thread Headset problem 3/26/2020 8:01 PM

Is this to much space ? If so is it ok to take my headset cap off?

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New thread G sport hoops for sale SOLD 3/26/2020 2:16 PM

Birdcage Ribcage pristine condition

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New thread Still shipping out parts 3/22/2020 9:28 PM

Need all gone black bars 8”or9”20$ Broc grips 5$ Animal grips 5$ Cult ak grip 5$ Fbm seat 30$ Bsd seat 25$ S&m shredneck fl 35$ Cult salvation v3 25$ Profile 25t blade sprocket 15$ Bsd donnasqueak tire chocolate 2.4 40$ still new Weinmann cassette

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New thread Loving the set up 2/26/2020 10:34 AM

Tallboy v2 trans purple 21.25 Hoder bars sky high trans purple 9.5 Bsd acid forks Odyssey boss stem Bsd cranks 165 Eclat ak sprocket 28t Eclat chain half link Bsd safari pedal Bsd beverage seat Bsd seat post S&m Craig passero grips Front wheel: bsd

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New thread Parts for sale let’s work out a deal 2/14/2020 7:22 AM

Bsd grime bars 9” Bsd stacked stem Bsd chocolate tires 2.4 Bsd beverage seat Profile 25 t Odyssey broc grips Cult ak grips Animal Nigel grips S&M shredneck stem Offer I have more not pictured

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New thread Delete 1/8/2020 4:23 AM

I don’t want to sell but it’s about time 😔taking offers Offer up not in a rush to sell No LOW BALLS

&m tall boy 21.25 Bars:bsd grime 9”stainless Headset : odyssey Bottom bracket: bsd Forks: bsd acid v2 stainless Stem:bsd stacked Cranks ... more »

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New thread Tires I need of 2.4 or 2.5 12/24/2019 7:13 AM

Need tires in 2.4 2.5 need a good deal on some.

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New thread My new tallboy v2 frame 11/12/2019 1:21 AM

Frame: S&m Crumlish frame 21.25 Bars: Bsd grime bars 9” Stem: Bsd stacked stem Headset:odyssey pro Forks: Bsd acid v2 F wheel:birdcage laced to bsd front street pro B wheel: ribcage laced to odyssey clutch v2 lhd Tires: broc tire 2.4 Sprocket: eclat

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New thread looking for tires 10/18/2019 1:58 AM

Need 2.4 or 2.5 Only 2.35 if animal glh

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New thread Bsd bars and stem 10/8/2019 10:22 PM

Bsd stacked stem Bsd safari bars 9.6 Bsd Donna squeak tires 2.4 Bsd David grant grips Cult salvation v3 stem

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New thread Bars/stem /grips 10/6/2019 10:45 PM

Bsd safari bars 9.6 stainless 50$ Bsd stacked stem 35$

Grips come with bars Cult stem 20$ ... more »

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New thread Parts best offer 9/18/2019 8:32 PM

Shadow cassette wheel RHD Shadow surface pedals Profile blackjack sprocket 28t Profile racing sprocket 25t Odyssey thunder bolts SOLD

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New thread Back wheel slammed at 13.5 with 28/9 9/11/2019 3:10 PM

I was reading that it couldn’t be slammed. but I took one half link out and it was perfect with a little play left anyone else been through this ? Also my chain jumps off my back driver when I pedals like it pops up like it wants to pop off but it stays ... more »

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New thread Albes take s a while to ship 9/3/2019 6:56 AM

I swear everytime i order they take forever to ship my items they must don’t like me lol

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New thread Need it gone offer up 8/13/2019 12:44 AM

21 inch chase hawk 120$ 21.25 fiend palmere v1 75$ Shoot offers can ship also And I have odyssey thunder bolt cranks 175mm real good condition rhd 100$

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New thread Fit Benny v2 painted by me 8/11/2019 4:56 PM

Fit Benny v2 frame shorter than both my frames but fits me well idk lol

Bsd safari bars 9.5 Bsd acid v2 forks Bsd stacked stem Bsd xl cranks 165 Bsd beverage seat/bsd post Odyssey broc grips/tires Shadow cassette rear wheel Gsport birdcage ... more »

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New thread Looking for a short rear end frame 21 inch Toptube 8/2/2019 11:23 PM

Need 21 inch frame short rear end

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New thread Slight frame change 7/24/2019 4:09 PM

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New thread Anyone near New Richmond WI let’s ride 7/22/2019 11:59 PM

Just getting back into. Riding now just tired of riding solo lbs no one rides near me it sucks

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