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i miss yall :/ i dont have alot of time to get on here anymore but annyyyways on april 3rd our park is opening and im takin the whole weeked off to ride it

its SOOO FUCKING SICK butttt i love yall ill have an edit from the park done ... more »

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i am so doing this

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v8's are big blocks. v6's and cock blocks and he prolly swapped it its sooo easy to throw a 350 in a s10 takes like a day

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yea, i never get time to ride anymore. like i have school ntill 1:30 then at 2:30- 9:30 i work and my days off, i try to get my truck fixed up

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me, dj, will, dj laing, pee wee, dylan, ethan, and anthony but usually only 1-2 at a time

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get to ride today after school

pretty excited. i havnt rode in a while because i have been workin just about everyday and hanging out with my girl whenever i get a chance butttttt if anybody is going to martingsburg park in wv. lemmme knoww ... more »

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welcome to the thread that proves my point. even the people who have been here since when are douches. and E- fighting. for real. its the fucking internet. dumb ass kids.

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ur complaint is people not being able to ride because of weather ? u must me a little kid. people have jobs bud. and a life. dont worry about other peoples progression. its about having fun. UR the kind of kid that i DONT like on here.

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everybody was cool

now they are FUCKING DOUCHE BAGS and the mods are slightly too serious on here. like for real. if anything they need to delete some fuck heads that really make this site total and complete shit.
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yea i know. i seen his post. dude is a complete fucking douche.

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yea. dude i member wayyy back when . that nick70's dude he was a fucking douche bag dude. i couldnt stand him at allll

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yea i know. it was great. i do trueeeely miss it. sunday color- yea. everybody was so fuckin coool with eachother. nobody really argued at all. but now. its stupid little fucks. and to seriouss

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u dont "know" the old vital like some of us it was pretty amazing. one of the reasons i got on here so much back then. but now its nothing but bitching. and seriousness. Like mods are cool. but u gotta chilll with some shit. there were alot of people ... more »

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i ride it i love it its amazing

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1- the frame is realllly strong and really solid. i personally dont like that geo. on it to much. but i love the geo on my fly tierra 3. i ran a 2.3 in the rear with no problem what so ever 2- they come on the frame 3- they work great. never had a problem ... more »

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i love this edit.. alot
no homo

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i plowed smokes wife like an Amish guy supporting his family.