Drew.Terry left a comment 8/18/2011 12:42 PM

I know i've said this already, but i deeply apologize to you and all of eastern for what i said. especially now that you are really helping me out with a new frame. you guys are great! thank you and again i'm sorry

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I forgot to mention that .. the product you want to upgrade doesn't have to be broke.. if you just want something new .. it works for that too.

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I'd like to thank everyone for supporting Eastern on this thread. I replied to Drew via his new thread. I also want to remind everyone reading/posting that we offer a lifetime upgrade policy for frames and lots of parts. This is something we didn't promote ... more »

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Hey Drew, this is Jon (I own Eastern with my partner, Mike) .. We certainly don't hate you and I appreciate you making this post. Normally, we stay out of the forums, but I'd like to respond to you as I've been following your recent posts. Complete bikes ... more »

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FBMcustom, This is jon (owner of eastern) forget about filing it down.. I'll just have a proper bearing set and axle sent to you. Just contact me jon@easternbikes.com and i'll get you straight and it won't take 2 or 3 weeks. i'll make sure you get it ... more »

COLORADO SPRINGS left a comment 7/11/2011 11:12 PM

You know how much I love you guys, how much you mean to me and you know how much I appreciate all that you do for me and our scene out here. Thank you for the comment Jon. So stoked to have met you WHEN I did. My buddies were also stoked to have read what you had wrote about them. You know we love you! The Blackie Lawless profile pic always made me laugh. I F787 like a Beast!

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20 years ago I flew to Colorado Springs for a King of Vert contest.. i didn't know where i was going to stay and how i was going to get to the contest.. Duncan and his crew took me in and treated me like family.. i will never forget that..Thanks Duncan.. you are what BMX should be.

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streetcrime, you've obviously not been to a factory in the usa and a factory in Taiwan.

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fit2fly, this is jon, co-owner of eastern. how long have you had the frame ? and when did you break it ? This is never something we want to see and it doesn't happen very often, i understand that doesnt many anything to someone who broke a frame. Less ... more »