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The Black ones without logos are shipping now and will be in stock mid February.

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Hi Bat56, this is Jon with Eastern. send me an email and I'll try to get you sorted.

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I always admired how meticulous you are with your bikes.. You've always built your bikes up with awesome colorways (My favorite being green spokes/ black parts/ green stickers).. Any advice for riders on how to get a cool looking bike without over doing ... more »

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Reply to Eastern Bikes = Ordered Into Receivership 10/2/2014 4:13 PM

well, that is the way of the world .. money has been tight for everyone... the bs will be over shortly and items will be flowing again soon. I"ll keep your post and notify you personally when they arrive.

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There are several that have been produced and waiting for shipment.. Mike and I are trying to get these over. It's an incredible frame .. my son is riding a prototype from this manufacturer, who is very small and meticulous about details.. these are ... more »

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Read the court documents...ALL of the documents. I suppose you could say that, but running a business for 18 years isn't exactly irresponsible. Any business owner knows you won't last even 1 year.

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Actually, that is incorrect Independent bicycle dealers were the largest business.

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Kyle, I'd like to thank you for posting this. However, I would like to make this my personal communication about the situation. Speculation is what leads to stonings and the sort, so I'd like to step in to clarify and make sure everyone does a little ... more »

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20-30usd sounds reasonable if you "stripped" it yourself and used a color they were running that day. anything over 50 is too much...make sure you go over one more time right before you give it to them so there is absolutely no rust.. but there is no ... more »

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NxxxxxKurt, Those aren't our new forks.. that's are our new Haters Only seat/post combo.. jeez.. anyone can see that.

Reply to What the heck is going on with Eastern and Ezra and all that?!?!?! 7/13/2013 1:48 AM

Normally, I'll let these threads roll on without replying just to see the crazy rumors, but in this case I'll end the speculation. Mike and I started Eastern and have always owned it. I’ve known Leigh since I was in High School and there are so many ... more »

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The Ambers are not re-branded Easterns.

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sorry.. i should correct that and say hydroformed seat/chain stays

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it's a prototype with the hydroformed rear seat stays we were working on.

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man, this stuff has been going around taiwan like vd for the last year or so.. every maker can do it. it's just so damn expensive, so it's probably not going to happen on a frame.

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bmx4orlife This is Jon from Eastern. I'm not sure what happened here, but you shouldn't have to wait that long. Our guys are usually fast and on top of customer service issues. I've forwarded your post to my guys, but can you email me directly with your ... more »

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it will be sold to bike shops as well through EBIUS

Reply to help me decide between Eastern bikes vs Kink Bikes 12/29/2012 12:55 PM

Dear Sunny, This is Jon. I co-own Eastern. I'm assuming your looking at 2012 models vs. 2013 because that's where your links point to. The reaper is your best bet as it has 48-splined cranks (all the other models have 8-splined cranks). Also, the Reaper ... more »

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sorry, I should have been more specific. If it's hit rolling in over coping or something similar it's probably going to be ok, if it's used to sprocket chunk rails and cars all day it's probably going to bend. There are a whole lot of riders out there ... more »