back at it again 11

returning to bmx after 15 year break. Built my ride with new parts and parts off my old 2005 GT Compe. Glad a kept the old GT in parts, as forks with 14mm dropouts and brake mounts are so hard come by (people riding brakeless... no beef guess that there's no point for companies to produce forks with brake mounts when most people don't ride with front brakes anymore) same goes for front wheels with 14mm axle ;) I might an old dog set in my ways but I prefer 14mm axle over anything else. Whatevers and what's with the very short drop outs. other than that I'm happy how this bike turned out.
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Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame Tall Order 315 21.8" Gloss Grey
Fork GT GT 2005 GT Compe Front Brake Mounts and 14mm dropouts
Handlebars Salt Salt Pro Bar Glossy Black 9" riser
Bar ends BSD BSD Paley Slims bar ends
Stem Other GT 2005 GT Compe
Grips BSD BSD Paley Slims Grips
Headset BSD BSD intergrated Head Set Kit black
Cranks Salt Salt Rookie Black 175mm
Bottom bracket BSD Salt Rookie 19mm
Spindle Other Salt Rookie
Sprocket BSD BSD Walla 28t
Chain Cult Cult Half Link Cain Gold
Pedals Other GT 2005 GT Compe
Brake levers Tektro
Brakes Tektro
Detangler Jet Jet BMX Gyro Kit
Brake cables Other Jet Rear / S&M Front
Brake accessories Dia Compe
Seat Other GT 2005 GT Compe
Seatpost Other GT 2005 GT Compe
Seatpost clamp Other integrated
Front rim Other GT 2005 GT Compe 14mm axle
Rear rim Salt Salt Rookie 20"
Driver/freewheel Salt 9t
Front hub Other GT 2005 GT Compe
Rear hub Other
Hub guard -------
Chain tensioner Other integrated
Front tire Other GT 2005 GT Compe
Rear tire Other GT 2005 GT Compe
Pegs ------- GT 2005 GT Compe need to find them :)
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