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I ride left foot forward and I spin left. I do fly out 180s and 360s, it took me 1 month to have the 180 and 4 the 360 (going to the park twice a week). I do flat 180s too. What I'm trying to say is that is not a problem, just practice and have fun.

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That happens to me as well. Sometimes I go to the skatepark and I don't have a good feeling, I just try a few lines, 180s and that's all. And if I try something else it doesn't work, it's like feeling tired. Then other times I start riding normally and ... more »

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I use the fox pro launch, they're comfortable and have a plastic cap. They're quite small but I haven't seen many other options. I use them for park

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I have the fox launch pro and they are great, I chose them because they have a plastic cap inside. They fit wearing regular pants but I don't think so with skinny ones. I only do park.

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Have you consider the Neutron? I think it's worth it the extra $ for the quality of the frame. But take into account the size, the Electron is 20.5" and the Neutron is 20.75"

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this week it is available here in Spain too, 30€

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I started with flat 180s and got them quite dialed but every session destroyed my shoulders, I remember most of the times doing heavy landings. So I stopped doing them and I focused only in park, which is what I like. Now I can do fly outs 180s, some ... more »

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and what's that good for? besides it's near the axis so it's not very useful in that sense. Idk I don't see the benefits of adding weight to your wheels (more inertia = less responsive) and looks like a ball there can worsen the performance of the spokes ... more »

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It's just practicing and getting used to it. Soon you will be dropping in like it's nothing. And practice in different ramps and box jumps (always according to you level), being able to control your bike will help you in any situation.

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I use the FOX launch pro and they are awesome, very comfortable. Plus what made me choose them over the rest is that they have a rigid protection over the knee. They fit perfect, it's just using the correct size. However, it is not a knee+shin combo. ... more »

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hey the same happens to me, but in my case left foot forward and I spin left. After 1 month and a half riding from time to time I am able to do 180 fly outs and bunny 180 without any problem, and I am looking forward to practicing 360s. I guess it's ... more »

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The same happens to me with the Salt EX grips that my bike has. And I have had quite a few different bicycles and I have never had this problem. It's so annoying. It improves using gloves but I have also to wipe my hands form time to time. Without gloves ... more »

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Yes, a heavy Felt ethic frame from 2004. Not fully crmo but it was designed to be resistant as hell. The whole bike weighed around 15 kg

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It's completely normal, first you have to get used to the bmx bike. I recommend you to go out to the street and go to a couple places with it, just riding no jumps, you will feel more comfortable and confident. It's more difficult than riding a "normal" ... more »

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Flair and 540 in a quarter pipe. But I have to say that I'd be happy just doing a high 180 in the air in the the quarter

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Hi everyone, my name is Jose, I'm 27 and I'm from Spain. I got my first BMX when I was 14 years old. Since there wasn't any good places to ride where I lived at that time, all my tricks were mainly flatland. Anyway, we managed to build some sketchy dirt ... more »