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bicycle mang

nah its not ripped, its just the pattern on the vynal

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Im not necessarily looking for anything super lite i need something strong

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which of these 3 bars should i get? FIT SKYHIGH FIT Northwest Odyssey lumberjack thanks guys

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Matt hoffman by far. He is one of the original foundations of this sport and without him, bmx wouldnt be what it is today. He should be an inspiration to every rider.

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yer but if u dont tighten it,the is a gap behind the bars and they just slip every few minutes. if u didnt know its a wedge system.

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i have a kink relief v2 stem and im only running some cheap stock bars, but ive tightened the stem so tight that its crushed the bars and its bulging in the middle. if i put some really good quality after market bars on would they be squashes aswel?

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Hey man where u live? we should go riding sometime

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