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Reply to Need Your Opinion on Worth 12/3/2009 3:16 PM

yeah i agree with ride...

New thread gstring02 12/2/2009 7:22 PM

hey, nvm on the stuff, im just getting a rear 9t off of dans comp, 11t is to big sorry, and i cant buy the frame right now not enough money and i dont need the sprocket now it would be to big

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Reply to Is this true 12/2/2009 3:55 PM

im 5,4 with 28-8 and they feel great,

Reply to Got any 4pc bars? 12/1/2009 4:54 PM

i got some haro ones in deep blue, pic is on my profile

Reply to Starter BMX 12/1/2009 3:12 PM

its not that bad, if its only 215 then theres a good chance you will have to fix it alot... o yeah also, for park, i just road a united recruit for park and its really nice ridin and is really light, its like 315

Reply to buy my bike 11/30/2009 5:35 PM

how much for the sound sprocket and the kink whip frame

Reply to everything for sale or trade!(pics) 11/30/2009 5:31 PM

how much for your dog?

Reply to Starter BMX 11/30/2009 3:17 PM

wait, just to clear things up... youve never had a bike before? and paying 400 for starting isnt bad

Reply to buy my bike 11/29/2009 1:32 PM

well if you gotta a phone just send me pics, 563-508-0588

Reply to Randy Brown 21inch for Sale Cheap 11/29/2009 1:30 PM

pics, 563-508-0588

Reply to Rear wheel 14mm big cog 16t is fine 11/29/2009 1:23 PM

i got a flat white sun ringle w/ 16t cog not dented but a bit scratched up, its in my profile pic, loud tic runs smoothly. i also got orange rim with black spokes and hub with 16t cog but idk what the brand is but its nice too, its hard to see but its ... more »

Reply to need 19mm cranks and 23t sprocket 11/29/2009 1:16 PM

i got a RΞDLINΞ monster crank 19mm the back of the arms are a bit scratched up and it can be tough to put together sometimes, 8 spline spindle, american bbs, only used a few times.

Reply to Starter BMX 11/29/2009 1:12 PM

umm for park... DKs have a good selection of park bikes, FITs i think would do good too. and it also depends exactly what you will be doing. if you want speed alotta people disagree but i would recomend a redline. i gotta redline xl that weighs about ... more »

Reply to buy my bike 11/29/2009 1:04 PM

you painted it yourself? cause thats what it looks like

Reply to Starter BMX 11/29/2009 8:03 AM

yeah dude, im 15 been in ridin for a while but for under ₤200? thats gonna be hard, 3 piece cranks used run anywhere from 20-70 american dollars. under 30lbs is easy to find, compact gears anywhere from 22t with a 8t driver to 30t and 11t drivers are ... more »

Reply to buy my bike 11/28/2009 4:56 PM

whats the forks, cranks, and seat and post? and individual pics would be nice.

Reply to Lots of parts 11/28/2009 8:36 AM

pics of eastern stealths?

Reply to looking to buy 11/27/2009 7:32 PM

if your paying only 320 for a complete are you just buying a stock bike?

Reply to WTB FRAME 11/27/2009 6:54 PM

whats the actuall frame? is it just a stock frame off of a complete?

Reply to offer trades on any of this whole bike 11/27/2009 6:45 PM

well idk, they werent originally mine, they got a redline sticker on one side and s&m sticker on the other. haha but they arent scratched or bent and they feel nice to ride with.