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Reply to sell or trade 11/27/2009 6:36 PM

pics of seat

Reply to complete FOR SALE> 11/27/2009 7:33 AM

its really hard to sell completes on here, but if you do part out i want the front wheel.

Reply to offer trades on any of this whole bike 11/27/2009 7:17 AM

well they are 8 rise i think and 28 wide, chrome. the pic is on my profile im getting rid of it cause it just dont match the other stuff i have and could throw in some money.

Reply to Gstring02 11/26/2009 8:49 PM

no but i might later on if you still got it, gstring02, if i can, i will send you my address on myspace. i will prolly figure out tommorow if i can, i prolly will just have to ship the money

New thread selling random redline parts + 11/26/2009 8:48 PM

selling.... 2 black redline and 1 blue haro forks, 1 black(?) and 1 chrome(8x28) redline handle bars, 1 white xl and 1 black t&t frame, sun ringle rim set flat white front 32h and back is 48h, 1 cane creek headset,1 white and 1 black redline stem ... more »

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Reply to so ive been thinking 11/26/2009 8:38 PM

for the 8 spline sealed spindle, i know alotta people dont like them cause of weight but i gotta redline monster crank only used once thats for 8 spline spindle and i got the spindle for it and its got american bbs and i have the box. and for other parts

... more »
Reply to Gstring02 11/26/2009 8:21 PM

k, i need to sell some stuff first, and i think my dad will let me get it and i should have 50 for sure the 11th of december and my friend wants to buy one of my cranks. and i prolly will get him to buy some other stuff. i forsure want the black sheep, ... more »

Reply to Gstring02 11/26/2009 7:27 AM

yeah im still interested. im gonna try to setup a paypal later, but todays gonna be kinda busy so what does like 110 sound good?

Reply to Gstring02 11/25/2009 8:11 PM

okay. well im on myspace alot so u can email me at myspace.com/kissershrvs. or at kissershrvs@yahoo.com but im not on yahoo as much.

Reply to For Sale 11/25/2009 7:56 PM

pics of shadow forks?

Reply to !!SALE!! the last of the bmx stuff !!SALE!! 11/25/2009 7:42 PM

oh, well im also lookin at another offer to so i will get back to you on that.

Reply to 2 Brand New In box Forks For sale 11/25/2009 7:32 PM

i love the shadow conspiracy but i dont have the money..

Reply to HAVE 80$ Need Cranks or Front Wheel 11/25/2009 7:29 PM

for hxcpride4, i have a profile spindle that is a bit old but is still runs like new.

Reply to Gstring02 11/25/2009 7:14 PM

its cool, how much for the cassette wheel and 28t with the frame? its okay i have cranks. and i gotta think about it kinkfreebird20, i cant be spendin to much right now. still need to get new handlebars, stem, and front wheel. would you do like $110 ... more »

Reply to !!SALE!! the last of the bmx stuff !!SALE!! 11/25/2009 4:45 PM

ok, well i still need to see about makin a paypal but i can only do one or the other and i prolly will get the crank and sprocket but i need to see first.

Reply to !!SALE!! the last of the bmx stuff !!SALE!! 11/25/2009 4:31 PM

okay sounds cool

Reply to im looking for a used bike. post pics 11/25/2009 4:24 PM

FITBIKES2009, would you part out? mine is my main pic.

Reply to Gstring02 11/25/2009 4:17 PM

do you have a crank and sprocket that went on it? well i think i can, i need to talk to my dad about makin a paypal. and do you have any purple parts or wheels? and would you do trades too? and you painted it right?

Reply to HAVE 80$ Need Cranks or Front Wheel 11/25/2009 4:13 PM

i have a 32h sun rim painted flat white im not quite sure on axle i think its 3/8 but it needs bearings, unsealed and one of the plates is bent, im selling the thing whole for like $15-$25 or just the hub for 15, spokes for like 5 and rim for 10, i also ... more »