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lumberjacks, send me pics at kissershrvs@yahoo.com and how much for the crank?

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well okay, i gotta think about it but i prolly could, i should be getting some money soon, i will get back to you on it., and can you get a better pic of the front and i cant read what does the bbs say?

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oh, well on a different topic you did have one and it was black but okay, how much are you looking for?

New thread Gstring02 11/25/2009 5:06 AM

hey, i like the eastern frame, would it come with the crank? and how much do you want?

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about how far away, cause if its to far the only time i could pick it up is the next time i go to my sisters in chicago

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i got a profile crank i just dont have the bolts, are those odyssey pedals? and do you have a bbs with them?

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hey kinkfreebird20, send me pics too, kissershrvs@yahoo.com and gstring02.

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well i dont know where la grange park is. is it like northern, southern, or mid illinois? and how much?

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yeah, i just dont really got that right now, i would if i could tho

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how much you want complete, i understand the helping your mom out, my mom had cancer and its tough and if i can i can try to help, whats the color of frame and the grips sound cool, got pics? pics would help and how low would you be able to go on the ... more »

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well i guess scratches dont matter as much but are they dented and how about pics? the only part that i def. dont want scratched is the lumberjacks

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well now how much do you want for the whole thing

New thread if you live in illinois 11/24/2009 4:50 PM

for illinois because i would much rather them be delivered and pay upfront in cash lookin to spend between 50- and 150 right now and trading too, if you have pictures of the items please post wtb: lumberjack bars not cut or scratched s&m or profile ... more »

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send me pics of the shadow conspiracy crank, the salt rim and felt frame, kissershrvs@yahoo.com

New thread WTB... 11/23/2009 4:41 PM

lookin to buy some Lumberjack bars, dont want any scratches or fades and not cut or bent, throw me some prices, and also a front load stem, lookin for either s&m or odyssey half link chain

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lol i havent even heard of those towns...

Reply to frame,front and back hub,stem,and forks for sale/trade 11/22/2009 3:50 PM

50 for oddyssey v2

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pics of the alienation?