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Did not copied anyhing, video was edited by Ako, other person, and he is not informed about music used in other videos, so, soory.

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Huh, sliders? It`s easy if you hawe a good balance. You just got to understand the trick, just any other. And tips, huh, the only tip i can give, is learn to look back what is going in the way when you are riding backwards, and yes, most important, hawe fun with it and dont give up!

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This is my edit for Action Village get Flow`d contest. Hope you kinda like it. Thanks.

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Huh, they are not Russians, they are from Latvia. Some riders are from Lithuania too. They are riding in Moscow, bu the name of this tour is just a Sh*t. "Mental Bread tour".. Soo.. Weird.

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Hot day
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Yeah, that`s me doing what i enjoy the most- riding my bike.

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