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lol yeah, I thought you'd like that. thanks again!

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yeah, I've been bent over by UPS on things before. I can only imagine a friggin' bike.. thanks man. I appreciate it.

New thread selling question 9/6/2011 4:12 PM

first I'm hoping this is the right section to ask. I'm planning on selling my Kink Gap XL, but I've never sold a bike before. where would I get a box to ship it? or does UPS have something? any info would be awesome

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I think BMX needs more fat riders.

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it's working now. nevermind.

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well would you mind giving me the link to rob darden's section in endsearch? I think it was on vimeo, but I can't find it when searching for it... I appreciate your help

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I've tried that. I've done everything and still nothing. I tried in internet explorer and it says "oops! this link appears broken. DNS error occurred. server cannot be found." firefox just says the server took too long to load...

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so...no then?

New thread bmxmdb.com 4/6/2011 9:30 PM

is anyone else having problems going to this site? the page won't load for me and hasn't loaded for like a week. it'll load on my phone, unfortunately I can't watch the videos on my phone. I don't know what the problem is.. just thought I'd ask.

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I laughed at that part too hahaha

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