Added reply in a thread 2000s was the pinnacle of bmx, change my mind 9/8/2019 10:17 PM

2012 was the best time for bmx. its the only time i remember because i started smoking weed in 2013 and can’t remember much past that...

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Why the fuck are you on a bmx forum we have nothing for you

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sorry about the sore knees, only advice i have is start having your boyfriend lay down the next time you blow him

Added reply in a thread Fixed hub: anyone ride a fixie? 8/27/2019 1:49 PM

fixies are really cool if you close your eyes and think about literally anything else with 2 wheels!

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puts more money into bmx. good thing. brings a lot of kids who aren’t very good at bmx but have a lot of opiniona? sounds like vital to me.

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Yes big pitbull to bite kids

Added reply in a thread Riding a bike + holding another bike = theft? 8/27/2019 1:44 PM

shave your head, brush up on your civil war history, and hit the gym, you are gonna need a head start for that 30 to life

Added reply in a thread Name of trick: standing 1 foot on seat and 1 foot on bars 8/27/2019 1:42 PM

if thats not the truth....

Added reply in a thread What happened to standard byke company 8/25/2019 11:09 PM

they sucked too hard and went out of business

Added reply in a thread When learning a bar spin where do you practice? 8/25/2019 11:07 PM

You guys are idiots learn them hop first

Added reply in a thread Do scooters help with bmx? 8/25/2019 11:06 PM

Fuck off furry scum

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secret to riding a bowl is written on the bottom of an ice cold pbr 24oz

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like bro u ever been out at a skatepark and are on the verge of shitting yourself? i pooped in a carls jr once on the way to el toro and lemme tell u that SUCKED

Started new thread PSP 8/5/2019 10:54 PM

who on here NEEDS to hit a pre session poop every time they go out and ride. Every time i go on a LA trip or even to a skatepark i need to make sure i poop even though i dont gotta go or else i cant even do anything, just me?

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i think helmets are for pussies

Added reply in a thread How much would you pay for this new Standard STA build? 8/5/2019 12:24 AM

its shit i wouldnt pay $10 for it

Added reply in a thread here is my practice schedule what do you guys thin Please note I am a very novice beginner so this is my starting out training schedule 8/4/2019 11:22 AM

kiss my hot girlfriend 10 min Insanely hot 4play 15 minutes Bone crushing sex 30 seconds Go on vital 3 hours Practice bronco hops 2 minutes my schedule hope it helps

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I’ve been able to 180 for years but i’ve never felt comfortable doing them out of grinds. Same with nose manuals i could never truely hold a nose, when i want to nose manny something i just go fast and nose bonk it and its the same effect i guess

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Steve cab smokes crack and hes still smarter than half of you.

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i was driving in heavy traffic two days ago and i was smoking a cigarette and the cigarette upset my stomach so bad i shit myself. thats why i quit cigarettes haha