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Reply to How to loop out every time? 3/21/2019 11:43 AM

Surfing is fun its just boring for the first few months until you get good. Also tahir video or it didn't happen

New thread Met Matt Hoffman Today! 3/20/2019 10:05 PM

Ran into Matt Hoffman today out of the blue, he told me the secret to BMX is that you can’t learn a trick unless you ask vital how to do it first.

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Reply to Why the hate on gloves? 3/20/2019 10:03 PM

I just saw my first laughing crying emoji on vital. BMX is over selling my bike $350 obo

Reply to How to loop out every time? 3/20/2019 10:01 PM

well thats where you are wrong. First off you can’t say noone likes me when noone KNOWS you. Second you are a huge pussy and I want you AND him to quit. He is old enough to defend himself and you are old enough to know that defending someone on the internet ... more »

Reply to Finally time for updated bike check 3/20/2019 10:29 AM

Cool bike my little sister has the same one

Reply to How to loop out every time? 3/20/2019 10:26 AM

Yeah it takes 20 guys to teach you how to loop out, sell your bike and buy a scooter lol

Reply to How to loop out every time? 3/19/2019 7:35 PM

step 1: loop out

Reply to Bmx Workout? 3/18/2019 10:39 AM

You guys are fucking weirdos

Reply to Bmx Workout? 3/17/2019 3:06 PM

Fuck no im not a virgin lol

Reply to Forum not loading? 3/15/2019 12:05 PM

try harder next time

Reply to concussion 3/13/2019 11:23 AM

You guys are old get with the times, van homan is OUT ethan corriere and team weed is IN

Reply to concussion 3/13/2019 9:59 AM

whatever i get it y’all have never been in the presence of a genius before, its fine i would react the same way if a scholar was replying to my messages aswell

Reply to Clutch v2 coaster and n4 front wheel. 3/12/2019 12:55 PM

how much for just the coaster wheel

Reply to concussion 3/12/2019 12:49 PM

i don’t smoke weed its a waste of fucking time

Reply to concussion 3/11/2019 9:54 PM

yeah im gonna take another week or two off any physical activity (finals week anyway so its not awful). currently juuling my ass off this last week because of stress of all the school work i missed and now have to make up lol. Thank u though spen love ... more »

Reply to concussion 3/11/2019 9:51 PM

Share it please

Reply to Its been a good one but.... 3/10/2019 3:22 PM

cool bmx post on

Reply to Please help if you can. 3/10/2019 3:22 PM

baby gonna cwy?

Reply to Please help if you can. 3/10/2019 10:52 AM

we only joined WW2 because you couldn’t hold your own LOL.

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welp you’re a virgin tahir and your names fucking stupid