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New thread How to quit smoking tips 5/14/2020 4:47 PM

Sup virgins if you want to quit nicotine, buy nicorette. Im serious I was a pod a day juul-er for two years or a half pack of ciggos a day. Today i am one month clean off nicotine. one week of nicorette got me there with no physical withdrawls. Shits ... more »

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New thread VITAL MEMBER OF THE FORTNIGHT #1: KROOKED 4/17-5/1 4/17/2020 8:19 PM

sup dweebs and dorks, Instead of being an asshole on here for once i decided to bring back something that was a lot of fun back in the day. you know the rules, Q&A with the MOTF and at the end of the time we choose a new guy. Ask me things about ... more »

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New thread torn ballsack from riding? 4/13/2020 11:58 AM

Sup Vital! Today I rode my flatbar and tried railride bars and went otb. My ballsack must’ve like brushed my stembolt weird because it tore and there was a lot of blood. I didnt see my balls fall out of the sack but im too scared to check. Had my sister ... more »

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Sup beasts I’m trying to buy some bigger bars 9-9.5 (or ten fuck it) Any freecoaster And some 2.3-2.4 tires (vans ones preferred but anything) Thanks boys

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New thread VITAL BMX EDIT V7 3/6/2020 11:05 PM

send self filmed clips of you doing footjam fakies in your drive way and 180s flat with brake pull pivot rollaway my email is it should be really fun to make a video with the guys i lost my circlejerk vcard to!

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New thread how to learn any trick in one day (BEGINNERS MUST READ) 2/21/2020 12:18 AM

Ok so this is the ONE AND ONLY way to learn a bmx trick in a day. You really don’t need to be watching tutorials they are fucking pointless, why would you watch a video that you won’t gain anything from? BOOM you just lost 10minutes out of your day, ... more »

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New thread PSP 8/5/2019 10:54 PM

who on here NEEDS to hit a pre session poop every time they go out and ride. Every time i go on a LA trip or even to a skatepark i need to make sure i poop even though i dont gotta go or else i cant even do anything, just me?

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New thread my thoughts on trolling and forum seriousness 7/11/2019 1:30 AM

Ok dicks and dweebs this is my final post about this kinda shit. Vital is supposed to be fun. We are all supposed to come here and have a fucking laugh about a sport that was bastardized by energy drinks and vloggers. THE ONLY bmx rider on here who EVER ... more »

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New thread new moderator acceptance speech 7/7/2019 9:14 PM

Let me start off by saying, Thank you Vital for letting me finally be a moderator after 7 years of using your site. As moderator first order of business is to make the website cool again, i’m talking about paying 70% of ad revenue to ethan corriere and ... more »

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New thread took me 8 years but... 6/23/2019 7:36 PM

i just found out that the banned stash cap is for hiding marijuana in your bike. disgusted to say the least.

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Willing to do bundles and work with you on the price of items. Also throwing in random goodies with a few orders (old tees, peg sleeves, chain, gyro parts basically anything left in my bike drawer lol) All items are price before shipping, shipping from

... more »

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New thread Do i “need” a freecoaster for backwards manuals 4/19/2019 12:10 AM

basically ethan corriere is my lord and savior and i want to learn this trick but on my cassette i either catch on pedal pressure or go too fast and fall forward

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New thread Sposored thread (only comment if you’re sponsored) 4/8/2019 3:25 PM

I just got on the cult am team and i sold my first box of parts and spent the money on a nice dinner with nicole lz. Not saying anything happened between us two, a gentleman never kisses and tells.

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New thread Met Matt Hoffman Today! 3/20/2019 10:05 PM

Ran into Matt Hoffman today out of the blue, he told me the secret to BMX is that you can’t learn a trick unless you ask vital how to do it first.

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New thread concussion 3/7/2019 9:57 AM

monday night i got a minor concussion from being hit in the back of the head with a hockey puck lol. does anyone have any advice on recovery from concussions? i talked to my doctor and he said no juuling and no drinking and no heavy excercize but i want ... more »

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New thread catching up 2/21/2019 6:43 AM

Realizing how much vital meant to me growing up and how a lot of you older guys basically raised me. I’m 20 years old now thinking about how much bmx has meant to me over the years. OG pre2015 riders, drop clips down below and tell me how you’ve been ... more »

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I’m not 13 anymore so i need some 9+ tall bars. 4 piece preferred (s&m preferred but willing to take offers on anything else). Also looking for a coaster either hub only or full wheel. Also looking for wide street tires. Also if u have nice plegs ... more »

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New thread sickdude summer clips 9/12/2018 10:43 PM

all the clips i’ve gotten over summer. im too fucking close to hop bars im pissed

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New thread Chain length issue 7/5/2018 4:36 PM

Whats up pimps and gangsters. Uhh basically i’m running a fit mac frame and the back end feels way too long so I want to slam my wheel. I bought my shadow raptor used so it has like a 9 or 10 tooth cog and i have a 25 sprocket. Basically if i slam my ... more »

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New thread sickdude life update 5/25/2017 5:34 PM

im graduating highschool this weekend lol i remember i was on this shit when i was in middleschool i just have to say thanks for roughing me up n joking around with me and teaching me a lot. i made new friends who ride and are way fucking better than ... more »

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