So my name is Kurt Hohberger.. Some people on here but not many people do.  So for those who dont, I am just like all of you.. I love to ride.
Every aspect of the bmx lifestyle is important to me..

I am into photography, Video filming and editing, I even have my own website.. where I post up videos and pictures and news going on in my city, Rochester Minnesota.. you might have read about that in ride in the scene report a few months back..

I get flow from a smaller company out of california I have been trying to promote as much as I can called psykopath industries, they are a pretty rad company and everything..

I live in minnesota as I said before, and in the winter, where I live there is a VERY small park to ride.. which sucks because in the winter I dont ride nearly as much as I would like. I tend to travel a bit more then once the snow falls.

For those of you who saw my bike then you noticed my bike is mostly odyssey, I believe they are the best parts company out.. id kill to get flow from them haha.. i also run primo because some of their parts i like also

 a lot of people ride for the wrong reasons, the reason I do it is for the fun in it..  i got some really great friends who ride and that is always really important when trying to keep riding fun..

thats all i got for this blog.. ill update you on what i am up to over the next few months of crap weather

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