blaaaaaah Yell   (thats an amazing face!)

Minnesota is a GREAT state, dont get me wrong. But theres this crazy thing called snow that klls me every year about this time. About 2 days ago it snowed 8 inches. woooo sweet I know a lot of people are stoked.. But let me paint a little picture.. The place I ride 85% of the time is an outdoor park, which isnt anything special. mostly 3 foot ramps except what is cement, yeah I know "atleast you have a park". if I didnt appreciate that I wouldnt ride it all the time. So there used to be a small skate shop that had a skatepark in the back, which im not going to lie kept me entertained over the winter. but that closed last January (i still hate the new owner who bought  the place then shut it down 2 months later). so this skateboarders dad found a place to build a park this winter.  the park could have some amazing flow and be super fun, for a tiny warehouse building, if they would have actually looked at the place before they put the ramps in.  woo a 4' mini and a bunch of grind boxes and a few really weird skinny banks and the skaters are complaining its too cluddard? I dont know, Depressing.

so I got it planned that I will probably ride that place like once a week, and then on weekends travel if I can atleast an hour to the next closest indoor parks.

It is weird, I havent had a solid good clip of me filmed and I keep posting these videos of me with all the crap I do all the time and not my new stuff, then get crap for having a flow sponsor. woops? sorry guys. its hard to get your friends to film you when your the one behind the camera the whole time.. so I am bummed because my video I posted up for the haro contest, I already knew from the start that somone else has it sealed, well I have a rider in the contest picked out that I am sure will win it. good luck to you. but I mean, I would kill for one of those 10 slots to get flown to North Carolina to ride the Unit and stuff, just to get out of Minnesota and ride something new with a few guys I have looked up to since I started riding about 6-7 years ago. It would be a sweet vacation 

wow I am a negative one today, I just re-read this blog and I probably sound like a snobbish kid. haha sorry guys..

alright well  I guess thats my blog for the time being.. I needed to kill some time. holla

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