So today, I did something that I dont really know how to explain? a lot of riders look at a sponsor as a huge deal, and I know how that feels, even though I totally dont deserve it, and there are a million kids out there better then me. However if I can share my insight, its not as cool as it seems, esspecially if your doing a lot of work to promote them and all you get back is a thanks.. but yesterday when I was riding I decided that I wasnt feeling where psykopath was going and how they are still so low key after all this time.  So today I resigned as a rider for them, doing things on my own again which is, basically the same as always just no title.

my goal for 2007, get myself a FBM stairmaster, a frame I really feel will be comfortable riding and want to ride none the less, and step my game up....  A lot. None of this lolygaggin learn tricks as they come stuff, actually throw down.. start getting some good scars again haha.

Im sure atleast one kid who reads this will say "what a moran, he got a shot at something so many people want and threw it away".. well  people say if your good enough, your time will come.. well I had an oppertunity and took it, wasnt satisfied with how things were going for myself and for them, and decided a change is right. Will another better oppertunity come along? well thats unsure.. Maybe if I keep getting my name out, riding and having a good time, progressing then maybe. if not, well then thats fine, I had my chance and it wasnt exactly what I thought it would be like ya know what I am sayin?

Blogs, they were a dangerous invention for me to ramble.. but maybe this one will have a good message?

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