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i spray painted my handlebars 2 days ago and i noticed where ever thicker paint was, it wuld come off with an easy scratch. how do i fix that.

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i havnt done much to my gearing, got a 39/14, its alrite for me anyway, wuld the peddling be much different than a 25/9?

Started new thread any texas riders? 2/23/2009 5:48 PM

anyone ride in tx

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daang thats a nice bike, thats prrty sad tho, im 14 and i can bnny hop up 3 stairs

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anyone know of a good site to get cheap but good gearing systems?

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sooo is 25/9 or 25/10 bettr?

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so what wuld be a bettr gearing system 25/9, 28/10, or 25/10?

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