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song is cobrastyle by robyn

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yea some drivers are ridiculously stupid. if something like that happens the best thing is to either flip them off or kick their car... then ride off... lol. dont let the car drivers win. haha

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monster is awesome. not that packed depends on wat time u go there. last time i went had ana wesome ride as there were not many people there. that was the sunday night sesh so thats pretty good.

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they are crazy and bloody awesome frmo wat ive seen of them. personally havnt ridden them yet but work in the local bike shop there and they are really good. Not as good as wat they used to be though casue not many people use them much anymore buit still ... more »

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Its is actually against the law to not have a front and rear reflector and two working brakes. haha thats why the bike shop has to put them on. but yea the cops dont care, nobody even takes notice so yea... if anyone ever says have u done anything illegal ... more »

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Hahaha are u guys seriously serious??? I cant believe how much some people winge... "Hardcore bitch fighting" ova the net is not cool.... if u havent already noticed. casue u guys are always bitching to each otha why dont u guys just be gay as u seem ... more »

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HAHAHAHAH Bitch fight to the max.... man i love these threads... Big ass kids trying to act "heaps tough". HAHA u gotta love forums like these.

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Yea agree wiht the guy above me. Fighting aint that great unless u wanna get a black eye and sore knuckles. the only time i have fought is wen something had been going n wiht this guy for like a year. i decided to end it so we had a short fight. we settled ... more »

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my coouzin used to be the biggest weed-smoking, aoco-drinking nazi there is round here... He bought a black dog for his son and named it "nigga" personally i found it hilarious.

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most of them just use razor pros... then they chuck a bolt in somewhere down below s it doesnt move and shove a metal pole and weld it together to make the one piece bars... u can buy one piece bars but ehy are heavy and shit.

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Easterns are not as bad as people say they are... I work in a bike shop and can tell u that most of the Eastern bikes or parts that break are becasue the person who rides it really rides hard. I have an Eastern and have only broken my bars but as i said... ... more »

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love my good old DC's... they neva let me down and last AGESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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new bikes seriosuly suk till u wear them in. they feel really bad. keep using it and itll soon start feeling awesome.

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i always found footjams hard and one dau wen i was practising them i was having the same problem. A random guy was watching me and he said "lean into it more". i was thinking "wat a retard of course thats wat u do" the funny thing is i actually wasnt ... more »

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Just stop being lazy and hand sand it down. haha. Its not worth going to all the trouble to sand blast it or anything like that. but if u are going to repaint it u dont need to get it ompleetely raw before u do that. u only need to sand it bak then repaint ... more »