About Me


My names lanky nathan and i ride kiddy bikes.

Im 20 years old, have been riding for the better part of 5 years and am still loving it. i have the most awesomeest local park by the name of browns plains bowls that makes any fangirl drool and im still finding lines there.

I live in brisbane, QLD, AUS and have never really gotten anywhere outside of my home area. i am planning to get to america some time but as of the moment its just an idea in my head.

I LOVE nu-metal music. cant get enough of it. fave bands are the likes of Korn, Flaw, Twisted Method and Static X.

If anyone is comin over to aus for a holiday or something, give me a holler, im always keen to meet new people. garfield_smells@hotmail.com

well, thats that for me. i believe that you should only ride for the fun of it. if you only ride to be sponcered u shud quit. dont get up me for it.

Oh, and i L-O-V-E vert