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Lame of Spinner? The dude spent a ton of money on ramps and let hundreds of people (many of them strangers) ride them over the years. He very well could have built this spot and never let the locals ride, but he didn't do that. I'm confident you have absolutely no idea how much money Spinner has / is making from BMX and, honestly, it's irrelevant to this situation. It's a bummer the park is going away (or at least being moved / rearranged), but cheers to Spinner for building an awesome spot and being so open about letting so many different riders enjoy it.

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I had surgery the 9th to have 25 tumors removed from my abdominal area to make me cancer free and in remission. The power of bmx is unreal. We are riders through thick and thin.

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Get some taste in music you little chav street fags i don't wanna know about how much money you have jacked and how many times some body tried to stab or shoot you same old shit grow the fuck up...

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I'm sorry this video bothers you so much - that truly wasn't the intention. Also, I think I speak for the majority of BMX when I say that riding ramps that were made to be ridden in a big arena is hardly riding street. But, once again, I apologize for the stress this video has brought into your life and hope that you can one day find Internet happiness.

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