My flatmate just sent me an email asking how my trip away was and I couldn't be bothered typing everything up again so I'm just going to cut and paste... hopefully everything makes sense. Photo's to follow...

Um yeah Welly trip was awesome, Thursday rolled down to Tauranga stayed with some mates down there, got on the horse and talked shit… then on Friday they jumped in their car and followed us to Taupo where we hooked up with some of the Taupo crew, had a ride at their local skatepark… so now our we were rocken with a wagon and a van load of us – about 12ish. Yeah 12 drunken BMXer's that is so I knew we were in for trouble. From Taupo – it’s still Friday morning at this stage, rolled down the line and rode skate parks in Fielding, Palmerston North, Levin, Otaki and Paraparaumu… so rode pretty solidly right through the day. Plus plenty of beers and sessions in between. By the time we got to Wellington that night things were looking a bit hazy.  Friday night stayed at 72psi James’s pad, drunk more partied on. Then Saturday rode a good half a dozen different spots and rolled over to Upper Hutt Skatepark in the arvo for the comp. I had started drinking at about 10 in the morning so by this stage I was in no shape to be riding and so we (my car load – Arryn, Seedy Mike, Wazman and I) retired for the day and just got on it. The Jam was sponsored by Ranfurly Beer and there was just free piss everywhere so we made the most of it.  We were chillin in the van blazing up when next thing you hear my mate Cam over the loud speaker. “Alright so this is the NZ Beer Funnel Comp, we got Jase from Tauranga, Joe from Christchurch…” etc etc… there was about 10 to 12 people up there “oh wait a minute there’s no Auckland representative” Mike and those guys all look at me and were like yup your up. Then Cam over the mic’s like “You’d be into a bit of this wouldn’t ya Liam?” so yeah I got roped into the comp… it was an elimination style comp where you battle it out with one other. I had already knocked back a few so I was merry, pretty much blew a couple of the guys away. They were just armatures and the semis were a bit tougher just scraping through but I worked my way up into the finals. It was me and this dude from Paraparaumu and he stood about a foot taller than me and was massive. They call him Lurch cos he’s a splitting image of Lurch from the Addams Family. I looked at him and was thinking fuck I’m going to have ta step things up a bit here. “Lurch… how about we make it 2 cans rather than the pussy one we’ve been knocking back (they were 440ml cans). Lurch looked a little worried but was keen, we filled up and it was pretty much a tie breaker… “alright folks we have a tie, we’re going to have to have another shootout!!” – Cam over the megaphone. I thought I better do something drastic so I stepped it up and talked Lurch into making it 3 beers. Yep, I kicked his ass… bloody rookie. I was stoked, I won more free beer. So yeah partied it up Saturday night – can’t remember to much so it must have been a good one… and then rolled back on Sunday, the weather was shit on the way back up though so no riding on Sunday – I was gutted cos we were going to check out some new shit.. oh well next time, there’s another one in a couple of weeks or so.
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