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Well, I shouldnt say scooters, I should say young kids who have no sence of direction or look out for others etc.. Just most younger kids ride them i guess...

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I have... - Eastern Arms/Primo Spindle Cranks. (Primo Powerbite Rip-offs) - Demolition PA Bars - Odyssey Evo Calipers - Need new springs I think. - Animal Pivitol? Seatpost (no seatpost clamp needed style) - Odyssey Race Forks - 10mm Dropouts Open to

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Scooters..!! Huckers, kids that go for Whips, Flips and all variations of them... With nothing basic under their belts...

Rubber Necks..!! (For the win) - Kids that look around to see if someone seen what they just did.. haha
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This Page is for people to Post what they know along the lines of Editing. I am an amature when it comes to video info, editing and the rest. I have done a few edits, tho I want to understand it with more detail. Basically the Frame Rate, Ratios, Do's ... more »

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