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I shot about 12 rolls of film.
MAtt flipped the dragon, blew my mind
Thanks, Duncan, CLay, and all the sponsors.

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Started new thread Best 35mm film for BMX 3/12/2009 9:03 PM

hello, I just bought a slr 35mm camera. I would like some input on what type of film to use, for shooting BMX action shots.

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Lord Toranaga

favorite frame color is chrome(GRIM reaper)
Favorite eastern rider is DUncan Gore
Favorite Bike Shop

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Added reply in a thread drive lite forks 2/11/2009 8:13 AM

don't do it. I know they are inexpensive. But buy a better quality fork. Odyssey S & M Fit Standard hell, even a volume fork would be better buy a fork with a lifetime warranty.

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Profile BMX SS Cranks



Added a comment about news blog New Apple Laptop with No Keyboard 1/6/2009 2:50 PM
Lord Toranaga

definitely a joke.
absolutely no mention of it on the apple site.

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how much?

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yes you can make it a 14 mm. just call profile, and they will sort you out

Added reply in a thread colorado riders?? 11/28/2008 10:02 AM

c springs bitches! we just got a new 40,000 square foot park

Added reply in a thread pissssssed 7/10/2008 6:45 PM

the internal spacer has to be present for the wombolts to work properly

Added reply in a thread oddyssey slic cable problem 7/9/2008 6:08 AM

get a new cable hanger should cost 3 bucks at a bike shop

Added reply in a thread What is the best chain? 7/8/2008 7:09 AM

I run my wipperman on a titanium 9 tooth driver, no problems

Added reply in a thread JUST FUCKIN READ IT! 7/8/2008 6:48 AM

tell him just to get a new frame

Added reply in a thread New rear wheel: 36 or 48 spoke? 7/7/2008 7:26 PM

i run 36 in the front and 48 in the rear

Added reply in a thread What is the best chain? 7/7/2008 7:24 PM

wipperman 1g8 strongest chain made