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They look like they are pretty strong actually

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👀 I don't think I've logged on in years. Looks like I'm no longer an admin or mod. My username used to be wearnikes1321 before I worked for Vital for a little while.

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I think it's easiest to 180 into them. I can't 180 out of them anymore so I usually just land fakie.

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I work full-time as a software developer for a software consulting firm where I am one of our lead developers. Generally speaking I make mobile (iOS and Android) apps as well as web apps. I also sometimes teach part-time at a university. I haven’t been ... more »

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I don't think Bluesix is around anymore. They were a great company and I used to ride their fork.

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ticaleb and I are heading to Colombia this summer for about a week and plan on taking our bikes.

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If you're interested in becoming a paid advertiser on our site, please contact Kyle Carlson - Side note: it doesn't appear to me that the chromoly parts are fully heat treated?

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@KV666 Do you mind posting some more pics? And are they bent at all?

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Do you still have them? ticaleb told me about this post the other day at the park and I think I want a pair

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ticaleb, catfish95, blrbmx, and TerminatorT600

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Kyle you forgot to mention Haro having Kerley now. The two that come to mind are Haro and Cinema.

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Lol I'm the one in the screenshot asking if it has KHE internals

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Garrett Reynolds isn't pre-qualified for street? Okay...

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There is ALWAYS stuff to do in my line of work since we usually have several months of work planned. However, sometimes the stuff I am working on might not be as exciting as other stuff (in which case it may seem boring).

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I could see it being Total, but I don't think it is.

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I worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant starting at age 15. I was underpaid which was crap, but using the money from that job I saved up over $1000 for my first good BMX bike.

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X-up ride variations

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That last part sounded like a jab at the situation to me.

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adamnmexican, JonnyGanja - racism - 2 weeks

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It's people like you that make Americans look like ignorant idiots. Remember that ISIS is not a representation of Islam just as the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, etc are not a representation of Christianity. PS: Let me direct you to the forum guideline thread on our ... more »