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i want these so bad

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name age location favorite bike co least favorite bike co pancakes, waffles, french toast, or crepes newest part on your bike oldest part on your bike favorite animal do you listen to music while riding street, park, or dirt favorite part on your bike ... more »

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wtf does grave digger have to do with these forks?

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looks dope but i don't like colored chains lol

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i hvae a 9t and never had problems with it i don't ride it much anymore though because i'd rather ride my freecoaster and yeah your friend is a dumbass gsport for life!

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stfu you ignorant asshole and no one cares about your stupid story

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chase is sick as hell, but the judges look for big tricks, and quite honestly chase doesn't do many big comp style tricks. it sucks the judges look more at big tricks instead of style....

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this! lmfao

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lmao snafu makes some good stuff

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looks dope! blue spokes + blue grips = clean as hell imo i would notch the seat back one little grove on the pivotal shiznit, but whatevs it's refreshing to see a not-slammed seat every once in a while too! *high five

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nice man!

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this may help but find a spot on the ground (such as a crack or line or something like that) go towards that spot at a good speed, and was you turn, keep your head turned and focused on this spot this will allow you to make sure you're getting the full ... more »