About Me

I don't want an iPhone. Did that sound believeable?.

What is your favorite type of riding and why?

Skateparks, wood or cement.

What’s your favorite spot and why?

Etnies skatepark, Lake Forest, CA

What trick that haunts you?

You name it.

What is your dream spot?

A cement flow type park with a six-foot wooden spine in the middle. Don't ask.

Who are your favorite riders?

The list is too long.

What’s your favorite BMX video?

The list is too long.

When I’m not riding, I like to:

Hang out with my family, sit on airplanes, give money to the Apple store.

Bands I’m into:

What do you got? I love the iPod.

Girls think I am:


My parents think BMX is:

A very strange job.

What is something you would change about BMX?

A little more friendly.

Do you shoot photos or video? If yes, why?

I'm addicted.

What keeps you doing your old tricks?

They're fun.