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Mongoose Jam: Street Finals

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The Mongoose Street Jam on the Target Plaza at Woodward was one of the most intense street comps of all time. The course was broken into three zones, and the teams never stopped producing mind-blowing riding. Street was the the final event at the Mongoose Jam, and after the Street scores were combined with Dirt and Park, Team McCann took the win. Congrats to everyone on an incredible week. STREET RESULTS 1. Chad Kerley 90.00 Team Wallace 2. Kevin Peraza 85.11 Team Peraza 3. Jeremiah Smith 81.00 Team McCann 4. Connor Lodes 80.11 Team Wallace 5. Matt Ray 79.56 Team Wallace 6. Ben Lewis 79.00 Team Ryan 7. Paul Ryan 78.89 Team Ryan 8. Tammy McCarley 73.56 Team Illingworth 9. Christian Rigal 73.11 Team Wallace 10. Brian Kachinsky 68.89 Team Illingworth 11. Rob Darden 68.78 Team White 12. Daniel Sandoval 67.56 Team McCann 13. Josh Clemens 61.67 Team White 14. Jamie Cooper-Ellis 55.67 Team Ryan 15. David Lee 54.44 Team Illingworth 16. Ben Kavanagh 50.22 Team White 17. Ronnie Napolitan 24.11 Team McCann 18. Tyler Fernengel 14.22 Team Peraza 19. Pat Casey 12.33 Team Peraza 20. Dennis Enarson 12.22 Team Wallace 21. Brandon Dosch 3.44 Team McCann TEAM FINAL RESULTS 1. Team McCann 270 2. Team Peraza* 240 3. Team Wallace 240 4. Team Illingworth 220 5. Team Ryan 200 6. Team White 180 *wins tie breaker (single highest run by team in each contest)

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Park finals at the Mongoose Jam went off! Double-flairs, decade airs, and more madness than you can imagine. After Dirt and Park, it's a tight race for the team title. Do not miss the Street Finals video from the Target Plaza dropping Monday to see which team wins the overall title at the Mongoose Jam. PARK RESULTS 1. Kevin Peraza 87.00 Team Peraza 2. Dennis Enarson 85.67 Team Wallace 3. Daniel Sandoval* 84.33 Team McCann 4. Jeremiah Smith 84.33 Team McCann 5. Pat Casey* 83.67 Team Peraza 6. Kyle Baldock 83.67 Team White 7. Chris Doyle* 81.67 Team Illingworth 8. Ronnie Napolitan 81.67 Team McCann 9. Ben Wallace 81.00 Team Wallace 10. Tyler Fernengel 80.33 Team Peraza 11. Matt Ray 80.00 Team Wallace 12. Alistair Whitton* 79.67 Team Ryan 13. Tammy McCarley 79.67 Team Illingworth 14. Connor Lodes 78.00 Team Wallace 15. Alex Coleborne 77.67 Team Ryan 16. David Lee 77.00 Team Illingworth 17. Jamie Cooper-Ellis* 76.33 Team Ryan 18. Brandon Dosch 76.33 Team McCann 19. Chad Kerley 75.33 Team Wallace 20. Colton Walker 74.33 Team White 21. Mike Clark 72.00 Team Illingworth 22. Jack Fahey 71.00 Team White 23. Greg Illingworth* 69.00 Team Illingworth 24. Ryan Guettler 69.00 Team Peraza 25. Calvin Ibanez 68.67 Team Peraza 26. David Peraza 65.33 Team Peraza 27. Ben Kavanagh 65.00 Team White * wins tie breaker

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Mongoose Jam: Park Finals Photos

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Dirt was the first contest of the 2013 Mongoose Jam, and it was packed with bangers. All six teams had heavy hitters, but captain Steve McCann’s duo of Jeremiah Smith and Daniel Sandoval brought the heat for the top first two spots. Watch this video to see which team took the win. Riders include Ronnie Napolitan, Kevin Peraza, Daniel Sandoval, Jeremiah Smith, Ben Wallace, Greg Illingworth, Kyle Baldock, Mike Clark, Pat Casey, Chris Doyle, and more. Stay tuned for the Park and Street contest videos coming soon, including riders like Chad Kerley, Ben Lewis, Paul Ryan, Dennis Enarson, Rob Darden, Alistair Whitton, Brandon Dosch, and more. DIRT RESULTS 1. Jeremiah Smith 87.50 Team McCann 2. Daniel Sandoval 86.50 Team McCann 3. Pat Casey 86.33 Team Peraza 4. Chris Doyle 85.00 Team Illingworth 5. Rob Darden 84.00 Team White 6. Ben Wallace 83.67 Team Wallace 7. Ryan Guettler 83.50 Team Peraza 8. Tyler Fernengel 83.33 Team Peraza 9. Kevin Peraza* 83.00 Team Peraza 10. Brandon Dosch 83.00 Team McCann 11. Mike Clark 82.50 Team Illingworth 12. Greg Illingworth 82.00 Team Illingworth 13. Ronnie Napolitan 81.33 Team McCann 14. Kyle Baldock 80.00 Team White 15. Alistair Whitton 79.17 Team Ryan 16. Dennis Enarson 77.83 Team Wallace 17. David Peraza 76.67 Team Peraza 18. Colton Walker 76.00 Team McCann 19. David Lee 71.00 Team Ilingworth 20. Cam White 69.00 Team White 21. Matt Priest 68.33 Team Ryan 22. Jamie Cooper Ellis 66.83 Team Ryan *wins tie breaker TEAM RESULTS 1. Team McCann 100 2. Team Peraza 90 3. Team Illingworth 80 4. Team White 70 5. Team Wallace 60

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Mongoose Jam: Dirt Photos

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The Mongoose Jam is going off in Woodward, PA. How did the Mongoose captains choose their teams? Which campers made it through the Selection Session? And which Mongoose Team Captain talks the most trash? Find out in the "Meet the Teams" video.

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Mongoose Jam Photos Day 1

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The 2013 Mongoose Jam at Woodward East is set to go off this weekend. Mongoose riders Paul Ryan, Greg Illingworth, Steve McCann, Kevin Peraza and Ben Wallace hand-picked their teammates for this one of a kind Street, Dirt and Park contest. In addition to the pros, six lucky campers will also be selected to join the teams. Watch for videos from the Jam to be dropping all weekend on Teams Paul Ryan Ben Lewis Alex Coleborne Alistair Whitton Greg Illingworth Tammy McCarley Chris Doyle Brian Kachinsky Mike Clark Steve McCann Daniel Sandoval Rannie Napolitan Jeremiah Smith Brandon Dosch Kevin Peraza Pat Casey Ryan Guettler Tyler Fernengel David Peraza Cam White Kyle Baldock Jack Fahey Josh Clemens Rob Darden Ben Wallace Dennis Enarson Chad Kerley Christian Rigal Connor Lodes

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Douglas Leite de Oliveira left a comment 7/5/2011 6:12 PM
Douglas Leite de Oliveira

Losey thanks for the moment, I am very happy for the opportunity, nice to meet you even more
here is dougie fres hahahahha

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McCann was able to do a higher air, but it was after the High Air contest had ended.

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ASA Air in the Square

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wow. A+

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Chad DeGroot's doing a premiere at Mr. Bikes n Boards next weekend, and there are some more in the works. You can get the DVDs at, DansComp, Albe's, Staff, 50/50, Strictly, and more soon. I don't know if I can survive another premiere party like the on Friday night, though...

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Pro Town: Greenville Info
  • Pro Town: Greenville Info

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Why are there so many professional BMX riders in Greenville, NC? Pro Town: Greenville is a new 44-minute documentary that shows how Pro Town came to be. It includes riding and interviews with tons of top riders including Ryan Nyquist, Dave Mirra, Rob Darden, Josh Harrington, Marcus Tooker, Kelly Bolton, Josh Perry, Craig Mast, and more. Check out for more info.

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Brian_Ireland left a comment 10/29/2010 11:36 PM

Ive seen a lot of you videos and they are all pretty good. especially the flatland ones. ive been wondering what is the name of the song in the simon o brien video? been lookin for it but cant find it anywhere. my guess is that its just a beat to go with the video but id like to know if its really a song? lemme know eh? :D

Have_O'Dara left a comment 10/7/2010 4:07 PM

hows a goin dude, ya wudn be able 2 give us de name of de song from de video of simon o'brien, de 1 wer he does 14 whiplashes wit one hand at de start? nice one

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