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bm(enzy)x 5/10/2008 4:26 AM

my ankle is broken my bike is broken my spirit is broken......... but a nice new vital community tee would fix all of that well at least the broken spirit........

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raul_amador 5/9/2008 10:49 PM

hey wats the name of the song on the mike ish vid,?

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brokebikemountain 5/9/2008 6:42 PM

you should let me get the black hat because if i was a penguin it would match.

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sqweets 5/9/2008 11:31 AM

hey i think you should hook me up with the black community tee so the next time i wrestle hulk hogan i got a cooler shirt to rip off and show em up!

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sutto 5/8/2008 6:15 PM

man i need help bad im only 14 i can only foot jam n 360 i wana no how to whip man

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sutto 5/8/2008 6:10 PM

man i would love ur mad black n white hat if u got me one i wounld surpport u all the way im only from a small town called parkes in nsw austraila i would try to get my local bike shop to get some of ur gear to us riders would love to get some gear from vital. how town is pretty mad we got trails n a cool skate park rito man chat to u soon!!!!

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avbmxer 5/8/2008 5:13 PM

im realy diggin the black and white vital hat. thats she sickest hat i have ever come across. i think i should win cause i love vital first off and its the only way to see the best videos daily. i have never been disapointed with anything on the site. and so ya thats why i should win. oh ya vitalbmx rocks. thanks for your time.

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astarv 5/8/2008 8:12 AM

im pore.
i like the brown shurt
plees hook me up!

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pillzy 5/8/2008 12:28 AM

i like the vital white t shirt end i just want to represent vital bmx and show everyone how cool this site is

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millerky 5/7/2008 6:04 PM

hey wats up, hey im likin that black hat its pretty badass. I think i should get it because i just stared riding about a year ago( i love it i ride everyday and got pretty good) and because vital bmx is the shit i get on everyday to look at the new stuff and check my profile.

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philldo 5/7/2008 9:10 AM

hey i like the vital hat
i think i deserve it because i want my friends 2 make vitals but they think that i made it up.and i really dont have any bikeing clothing its all like DC or entines

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Ghost303 5/7/2008 8:20 AM

I want the black on black hat because its the illest shit ever and that way i could rep all the time cus i got vital stickers on my haro but this way i can live vital at the grocery store and when im gettin gas

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astarv 5/7/2008 8:17 AM

u should choos me to win the rorschach t because im broke and love that t. that shurt is sick shit and i got 2 have it.

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astarv 5/7/2008 8:12 AM

u should choos me to win the rorschach t because im broke and love that t. that shurt is sick shit and i got 2 have it.

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bmx-camo-9 5/7/2008 3:15 AM

im feelin that hat man
love the look
i need to win because im 13 and love bmx im just got no $ coz iv got no job

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shaneman 5/6/2008 3:25 PM

the camera shirt is badass
i only really go on vital to watch videos so rock my world.

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Bonde 5/6/2008 1:37 PM

Hey Losey!

I love the "Community" Shirt! And in Small smile


So I will have some new fresh shirts, And i can reprensente Vital everywhere!

And, Because I never got my Vital T-shirt from the other Vital Contest about Pimping your profile! smile

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jakec93 5/6/2008 11:26 AM

he do you know the name of the song on the ryan guettlers back yard video?

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bradfordhuckerpa 5/6/2008 10:10 AM

Not that VITALBMX needs the exposure but my girlfriend would look awesome in the gear and i'll have a lot of fun taking them off her( So i can wear them;} ) Seriously though this is one hell of an online community and once your products hit the streets it'll be the new fad ...I just want to support you guys.

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Boob 5/6/2008 5:16 AM

My fav is the "Vital BMX Community T-Shirt".

I think you should send me some prizes because

1) I am old as f*#*k and I can use all the help I can get to look fresh while shreading the gnar on my 20 inch.
2) A sweet hat would hide my balding head nicely
P S Love the sight

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